TUIO Referral Program for Administrators

As an existing TUIO customer and someone from the industry, you are the best person to recommend our solution to your peers.

Our referral program lets you enter the details of a fellow administrator whom you think could benefit from using TUIO, and allows them to sign up with a 50% discount on their fees for the entire first year.

As a token of our appreciation for referring us, you will receive a $375 prize in the form of either a pre-paid gift credit card, a credit towards your TUIO subscription or another arrangement that suits you best. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make and no cap on the money you can earn.

The prize is guaranteed for all organizations who are referred to us, sign up, and have an enrollment of at least 20 children. Lower enrollment sizes may still result in a prize of a lower amount.

Our Referrals Program for Administrators is only open to current clients who have an active TUIO account.

How it Works

Fill out the form below and we take care of everything else. You can submit the form as many times as you need. We will be in touch when your referral(s) sign(s) up with us and make the necessary arrangements to send you your reward.