Childcare Billing – the Software Solution and Autopay Advantage

Running a childcare business is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. It’s not easy to develop a curriculum, manage a staff, cater to parents and respond to new challenges that come about. That’s especially evident in the midst of a pandemic where government guidelines and protocol demands are often in flux.

Childcare billing is one aspect of the business that can be more difficult than it needs to be. Manually collecting cheques from parents and working on spreadsheets is tedious and labor-intensive, at best. At worst, administrators have to remind parents about billing and chase them down for paper payments. In all, this process can be a giant headache that takes valuable time and energy away from more important matters.

Fortunately there are alternative solutions to smooth out this process and spare your childcare business from these problems. To that end, childcare billing software is an integral tool that all care centers can benefit from. Let us explain how and why that’s the case.

Childcare Billing Software Benefits

As mentioned previously, manual cheque collection is a painstakingly slow task for all involved. Childcare billing software streamlines that process making it easier and faster. Payments are deposited directly into an account instead of receiving cheques by hand or in the mail. Meanwhile, parents enjoy the convenience of mobile apps where they can make digital payments with a few simple clicks.

Software apps provide a huge relief for busy parents juggling many things on the go, as they can pay anywhere on their phone, anytime. They don’t have to remember to retrieve their chequebook and memorize the invoice amount, which removes barriers to payment. Importantly, getting these payments on time brings peace of mind and proper cash flow to you and your business. At the same time, your digital presence indicates to parents that your business cares about being cutting-edge and progressive.

Childcare billing app

Cheque collection is not the only component of the billing process that’s a drag either. Drafting invoices and inputting payments into spreadsheets can also be a nuisance. These bookkeeping tasks all take considerable time and expose your business to the risk of human error. With childcare billing software you can have your invoices generated digitally at your convenience. Even better, your financial records are maintained for you to track on a safe and secure platform.

Childcare billing dashboard
Dashboard on TUIO to track your financials

Autopay Advantage

One way to leverage the value of childcare billing software even further is with automatic payments. Autopay only adds to the streamlined efficiency of using a mobile app for billing. With autopay you can charge debit or credit cards at regular intervals, all customized to your unique billing schedule. This is the best method to ensure you receive payments on schedule without relying on parents to remember or respond to your invoice reminders. With invoices generated automatically and payments withdrawn and deposited digitally, you can ease most of the burden of the payment process. Then you are free to concentrate your time elsewhere within your business.

Most parents will appreciate autopay for childcare billing, as it is standard practice with other bills they pay for their home or for services. It’s helpful to have one less task to think about, especially bills that can be stressful to think about. Moreover, if payments are missed or declined your software generates an automatic reminder so parents are aware without requiring your intervention. Some like TUIO go even further and help to resolve failed payments using their support team on your behalf. As you can see, childcare billing software truly covers all your requirements in the billing and payment process.

Bottom Line

Childcare billing software is an indispensable tool for the clunky payment and billing process. Apps make it easier and faster for all parties to make and collect payments. Free yourself from the burden of manual billing and you will have more time at your disposal. Autopay is even more convenient and further helps to secure consistent cash flow and peace of mind. Digitization of payments is the way of the future and now is a great time to streamline your business. TUIO is here to be your solution.

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