When Can Children Be Taught Programming Skills?


Computer programming is a skill that most adults wish they had. And, it’s being taught to kids at even earlier ages now. The internet provides quite a bit for kids and adults who want to learn to program. There are interactive games, learning groups, YouTube videos and brick and mortar schools that teach programming.

Though in the past, it was thought that children of younger ages would not have the brain power for programming, that philosophy is being thrown out the window. Kids seem to be smarter than we think.


There are games, courses and other activities for kids as young as four years old. A few of these include:

The Younger, the Better

A number of child learning experts are saying that the younger kids start the better. Coding skills help kids with other studies. Children who are taught programming at young ages often have stronger math, reading, writing and communication skills. Their overall cognitive skills improve. These are valuable skills that will carry over to other studies and continue throughout the lives.

“Children must be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think.” –Margaret Mead

Where Can Kids Learn to Code?

Kids can learn online at Virtual Tech Camps for a relatively low amount of money. Online private lessons are also available. As schools begin to realize the value of offering these courses, more and more will add them to their curriculum. Many private schools and Montessori schools already offer programming classes for kids.

What is Programming?

Programming in its most basic form is teaching someone how to use a simple language to get computers to perform specific actions. These skills can be used in so many ways, from creating new programs to video games or even building robots. Robotics is an exciting new field that has truly taken off the past few years. In only the last 30 years, we’ve gone from dreaming about building a fully functioning robot, to actually doing it. And we’re doing it around the world on even larger scales than ever thought possible.


Anyone Can Learn to Program

The future is promising for kids that know how to program. And being busy at programming tasks is often much better for kids than some of the other activities they can get involved in if they’re left to become bored. As all educators know, keeping children engaged in the learning process is of utmost importance.

Both boys and girls of any age can learn programming. Even if parents and teachers aren’t skilled programmers themselves, they can guide kids to the right resources. It’s often fun to start out with games that teach programming to kids. There are endless options available online these days. Once kids have mastered these games, move on to YouTube videos or virtual tech groups for young students.

Ready to Learn More?

As their knowledge and understanding of this field grows, continue to search for websites, apps and courses that will help children move to the next level. Usually, the children themselves will let you know when they’ve mastered a skill and are ready for more.

If you’re looking for options for older or more advanced kids, check out these:

Evolving into Learners

Programming teaches children so many good skills that can be used throughout their lifetime. These include important abilities like problem-solving and critical thinking. As their cognitive skills increase, their brains can make stronger connections to learning as a whole. As all good teachers know, once we teach our brains the proper way to learn, that’s half the battle.