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Check out our free sample registration form below. Also included is a list of important details not to miss when building a registration form - either online or with paper.
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Sample Student Registration Form

Auto-generated school registration form sent to parents from TUIO. Scroll down to see a sample invoice!

sample student registration form
Sick and tired of inputing information to a spreadsheet? Can't read parents' writing? Is the data you're getting not uniform? Are you done with not being able to tell if a parent wrote day/month/year or month/day/year? If you answered yes to any of these questions an online registration system and student information system to manage enrollment, upkeep records, and management payments may be right for you.

With TUIO, the admissions process is automated for you. Meaning, you will never miss important information, your data will be uniform, your waitlist managed, and both you and your families will enjoy a better experience.

TUIO registration software also includes a student information and student payment system. This greatly reduces the time you spend fretting over enrollment tasks, billing, reporting, and chasing down parents for payments. Stop wasting your time on student registration and let us make it easy for you so you can focus on what's important!

TUIO automates sending registration forms and invoices, as well as receiving payment from parents, and following up with receipts. In one place, parents can make child care payments and daycare owners can manage admissions and waitlists, manage financials and cashflow, and plan accordingly.

Finally, 2020 and 2021 have shown us it is more important than ever to have streamlined online processes. Employees and students are encouraged to utilize online services fore registration, to conduct meetings and group conversations, and to make school payments.


Automate sending parents registration forms, invoices, withdrawing school payments, and issuing receipts.
automate invoices

Improve cashflow

Improve the student and parent experience to increase interest, develop a waitlist, and boost enrollment.
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“The onboarding process was extremely streamlined, and we were up and running within a week of signing up, with minimal involvement on our end other than providing basic family/customer information.”
Sonia Sommer, Supervisor of Gibraltar Point Day Nursery

Sample Student Tuition Invoice

Parents can access autogenerated receipts through the online parent portal - without your involvement!
sample student invoice

Custom simple reporting

With all of your student information in one system it's easy to pull reports.
registration stats for schools and daycares

Save Money & Time

With TUIO get back the hours you deal with repetitive, simple, administrative tasks.
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