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Managing billing, reconciliation, and reporting is easier than you may think, you just need the right tools – like a school accounting software and easy integrations!

TUIO tuition management software desktop application

School management solution to keep your finances organized

Our system centralizes where parents make payments and where administrators manage and report on financials. Payments can be made online, using debit or credit, anywhere and anytime! Recurring payments can be automated. Registration fees can be collected. By making paying easy for parents, you’ll get paid on time. And, our reporting features will give you an accurate snapshot of your financial situation to plan accordingly.

The information gathered in TUIO can be easily be exported and used by your accountant without all the messy paperwork!

Why schools & parents love TUIO

Secure Software

As a secure software all sensitive information is tokenized and encrypted to ensure no unauthorized access.

Premium Customer Support

TUIO reps offer direct support for your staff and families. We follow up with parents who are late on payment so you don’t have to!

No accounting experience required!

Download custom reports to view revenue, outstanding payments, payroll, etc. No accounting degree required!


User-friendly online dashboard with custom payment terms make it easy for parents to make payments and get answers without you.

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Affordable School Accounting Integration

TUIO is an affordable school accounting and payment system. Deal with reconciliation, financial reports, and parent payments all in one place. Send the information to your accountant with ease. Our system also includes an admissions software and student information system for one price.

In our blog we explain the benefits of a TUIO even if you’re invoicing through QuickBooks.

“One of the things I like most about Tuio is the ability to and automate tracking and generate tax receipts in minutes! As a school administrator I’m not trained in accounting or business management. I really hate figuring out and sending information for tax receipts each year.”

Carolyn Langley

Executive Director of Foreign Christian Online Academy

TUIO app for school accounting, showing the dashboard

Save time with automation

Using the administrator dashboard staff can manage payments. For instance, charging one time fees, automating payments, and making custom payment plans. Someone sick? TUIO system can easily give refunds. Automation frees up administration from having to do simple, repetitive tasks – saving you time and money!

School accounting made simple for non-accountants

Financially plan and budget for your education institution isn’t always easy, which is why you need to understand what’s going on. TUIO makes it easier to ensure to have enough revenue, meaning no outstanding accounts that need chasing, to run your school. By keeping track of payments and expenses throughout the year, school accounting is no longer a daunting task.

“The software is so easy to use, and it keeps everything organized and neat. We no longer have to chase parents down for payments. It’s also such a help that Tuio handles the reconciliation of failed payments.”

Virginia Ramirez

Principal, Northstar Montessori Private School

TUIO elementary tuition app screen shot
TUIO financial report

Easy to understand financial reports

With TUIO reporting tools and dashboard, your principal and administrators can easily understand your financial position to manage your school budget — no accounting experience required! Your teachers can even determine their own budget based on unique student attributes and outstanding payments. In addition to school payments and tracking, TUIO helps schools manage the admissions process and retain data through a student information system.

Start automating

Start using TUIO to see how you can streamline your billing & payment, admissions & waitlisting, and donation & fundraising needs all in one platform!