What Régine Has to Say About TUIO

TUIO testimonialMeet Régine, director of the French immersion daycare Les Amis du Monde in Toronto, who has been with TUIO for about 18 months. Before TUIO, she operated on an all-cheque basis and had to go to the bank 3-4 times a month, even for single cheques to make sure the daycare operated and the money came in on time. Since September 2018, she has stopped accepting cheques and 100% of her parents are paying online through TUIO either via pre-authorized debit or credit card. We’ve asked Régine to share a bit more about her experience with us.

TUIO: Can you tell us what’s been the biggest change since implementing our system?

Régine: Prior to TUIO, I had to go to the bank several times a month, wait in line and deposit payments that trickled down throughout the month. Even when most parents provided payments on time, all it took were a couple of late payments to have to go back. We no longer have to do this! This alone is a huge time savings. TUIO has also dramatically helped us streamline our enrollment/re-enrollment process. Before,we had to spend 1-2h/day for a full month making sure everything was going smoothly. That’s 20-25h in the busy January and September months! All in all, it was a huge waste of time! With TUIO, all of this is gone! We’ve automated everything and cut out the time spent on chasing down parents. And since everything is now online, it’s much easier to deal with the occasional parent who is late in their decision to enroll. They typically pay us within hours of receiving their TUIO invoice, on their own time, which would never happen before since their schedule had to be in sync with ours in order to do so. When you make it easy for parents to pay, you make it easier for yourself to run your school.

TUIO: It sounds like the system is indeed saving you a lot of time. How have you been able to reinvest this time?

Régine: I have been an educator for 7 years, and I got into this so that I could look after kids, this is my passion. My passion has never been to spend time on receivables or being on people’s back doing follow ups. With a daycare at capacity and with before/after school programs it becomes a lot to manage and without realizing, you can start spending more time on back office tasks than on the things that got us in this job in the first place. Since implementing TUIO, I’ve been able to get back to focusing on what I like and what matters: being an educator! It’s also been nice being able to speak with parents about things other than their payments; it makes it easier to strengthen the relationship and their engagement with the daycare.

TUIO: Speaking of parents, how did they receive the new system?

Régine: Parents have really enjoyed the experience. Just like with any change, a few people dragged their feet at first but 80% of them were enthusiastic and adopted the solution right away and started paying online. Some families kept paying by cheque at first, but this decreased organically over time. At some point, I only had a handful of families giving me cheques, to the point that it was not worth my time anymore so I decided to stop accepting them altogether. Once again, there was some slight push back, but when parents understood that this was the only way forward, they all got used to it. Today, they all gladly pay online and I don’t believe they would have it any other way.

TUIO: That’s great to hear. Lastly, how has been your experience with our support team, regarding the implementation of our system and beyond?

Régine: I should start by saying that I am not what you would call a tech person. It even took me a long time to learn how to use the copier/fax/scanner machine in my office (laughs). So, I was at first a bit nervous to implement a system like this. But I am very happy with the service I have received. Most of the time, I receive answers within 24h, and the best part is that I can even forward a parent’s email/question directly to TUIO, if any, and I have peace of mind that it will get addressed. This is a big plus because it lets me get on with my day and deal with other priorities.

TUIO: Before we wrap up, do you have any message you would want to share with the directors and administrators out there?

Régine: I really encourage them to at least consider the solution by taking a demo, which is completely free; it is obvious that cheques are on a lifeline, and I believe it’s wise to get ahead by implementing solutions like this. I had a few preconceived ideas about how well this would be received by parents but TUIO proved that they do a superb job to get everyone on board thanks to the simplicity of their product.

Here is the link to Régine’s full endorsement letter: TUIO Endorsement letter.

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