What Westside Montessori Academy Has to Say About TUIO

Meet Lorelei, School Secretary at Westside Montessori Academy. She's been a TUIO user for just over a year.

TUIO: What's been the biggest change at Westside since using TUIO?

Lorelei: There are many great qualities about TUIO, where do I start?  Each parent has their own account, so all invoices are readily available for viewing and printing, and as time goes on, more and more families are opting to pay their invoices online. The amount of cheques has significantly decreased, and we are finding this is a great way for families to prepare for when banks phase out cheques completely.

TUIO: How did you manage payments before?

Lorelei: We used Freshbooks before. It was good, but it got far too complex. Unlike Freshbooks, one of my favourite features is that parents can choose their method of payment and TUIO automatically adjusts the invoice to reflect the service fees. Thankfully, switching over was easy. There is a very handy import list feature so that I could get started pretty quickly.

 TUIO: Speaking of parents, how did they receive the new system?

Lorelei: We've virtually had a 100% adoption rate. Some parents were uncomfortable inputting in private banking data, but as more parents started using it, it got easier. Most parents have given good feedback when we ask them for it. In a few instances that some parents provided feedback, TUIO was able to add features to make things simpler, and also provide support to the parents in the meanwhile.

TUIO: That’s great to hear. Lastly, how has been your experience with our support team, regarding the implementation of our system and beyond?

Lorelei: As with any new program, there was a lot to learn but Lelian was great and helped us out every step of the way. Communication was amazing; any issues or questions were dealt with within a 24-hour period, and this continues to be the case. I really appreciate that they take our feedback and make updates so we can offer a great, easy to use product to our families. In fact, in one instance, the change that they implemented ended up saving me an additional 3h per month.

TUIO: Before we wrap up, do you have any message you would want to share with the directors and administrators out there?

Lorelei: 3 other schools have called to ask me about my experience with TUIO. They were considering making the switch themselves. In all cases, I've recommended TUIO. And no, I haven't been compensated by them to say this either. I'd continue to recommend TUIO to others.


Here is the link to Lorelei’s full Letter of Endorsement: TUIO Endorsement letter.

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