What Regent Christian Online Academy Has to Say About TUIO

Meet Carolyn, Executive Director at the Regent Online Christian Academy which serves 1,300 students across British Columbia. We sat down to speak with her earlier in April to see how things have been going in her office before and after using TUIO.

TUIO: What's been the biggest change at RCOA since using TUIO?

Carolyn: It has been a dream; both for us and our clients! TUIO allows our clients to make payments any time of the day and week. 

TUIO: How did you manage payments before?

Carolyn: In the past we managed it all with Excel spreadsheets. When a student enrolled with us, I would have to put the info into excel, recopying all the info.
And then I'd have to send a personalized email with a breakdown of everything they had to pay. Parents used to pay with e-Transfer, check, cash, phoning in a credit card, PayPal.
With all different modes of payment coming at me it involved lots and lots of manual work to get a snapshot of all payments in one place. Given the number of choices we offer, I also had to invoice everyone separately as well. There was a lot of tracking involved, not to mention 3 staff members.
Our receptionist also had to know about all this information in order to take payments when parents called in, and call them in case they forgot.

TUIO: That sounds stressful! I'm stressed out from just listening to that.

Carolyn: Switching to TUIO just made sense to us. I was stressed from this manual way. So far it's a dream. It's just so much better than what I was doing.
Now all I do is make the program, and then as students are enrolled, I assign them the program. Once I do it, I don't have to do it again. The workload is cut down significantly.
The best features for me have been the ability to send out an invoice in one go, and track money in just one place rather than track it from 5-6 locations.

TUIO: How was the support you received from TUIO?

Carolyn: Working with TUIO has definitely exceeded my expectations. Working with Lelian and staff at TUIO has been amazing. They were so responsive with any of our questions.
Based on the speed, one of my team members joked "are we their only client?"

TUIO: Haha! That's really amazing to hear. Thank you. Were parents equally receptive? How did they adapt to the system?

Carolyn: Adopting TUIO, we initially faced some resistance from the parents. They didn’t want to give their credit card online. However, when they realized it was more secure to do it this way, they came around. They saw that even when they gave information over the phone, we would type it up online.
From the hundreds of parents we serve, just a handful really had any issues doing things online.
However, for those who do not wish to pay online, they can still mail a cheque and we can mark them as paid on TUIO as well for record-keeping.

TUIO: Before we wrap up, do you have any message you would want to share with the directors and administrators out there?

Carolyn: We’re going to finish off this year with our manual system and TUIO. But for the upcoming school year, we will fully be using TUIO only because it just makes sense.
I absolutely recommend TUIO as an online billing and payment platform. TUIO has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to continuing our TUIO partnership in the future.


Here is the link to Carolyn's full Letter of Endorsement: Read the letter here. No, she was not compensated in any way to write it.

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