Review and Comparison of SchoolCues

If you're a school administrator or own a childcare centre, then you may have heard of SchoolCues and TUIO. If you haven’t, these are two popular school management software options. Both have their pros and cons and cater to different needs.

We've created this resource for you so that you can decide which one is right for your organization!

We receive a lot of questions about how TUIO stacks up against other brands. In response, we use feedback from TUIO clients who migrated from other platforms and online testimonials to develop useful articles for potential clients. Check out our review of TADS tuition and FACTS tuition management.

The disadvantages and advantages of SchoolCues

Read below to get an in-depth look at SchoolCues and TUIO. For the best review of TUIO, book a one-on-one demo with one of their specialist to help you better their tuition management, enrolment software, and student information system.

The Pros

  • Parent Communication

    SchoolCues helps schools maintain connectivity between classrooms and families.

  • Cheap

    An affordable solution for starter schools.

  • Out-of-Box Solution

    No customizations means it's ready to go upon purchase.

The Cons

  • Customer Support

    Support is only available by e-mail and can take up to 2 days.

  • Ease of use

    Administrators report difficulty using SchoolCues payment system.

  • No customizations

    SchoolCues cannot easily be customized to meet your school's unique needs.

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How SchoolCues Stacks up Against TUIO

SchoolCues Thrives in Engagement and Not in Business

SchoolCues provides a school management software solution for starter schools. They offer several commonly used features to simplify school administration. For example, they’ve built out parent engagement features and offer payment processing. While SchoolCues excels in classroom management and parent communication, there are limitations with their business administration tools like tuition management and enrollment management.

SchoolCues lacks in customization capabilities. This means that it's built to be used out-of-box. You may be limited if you’re looking for something more specific than default options. This is great if your school or organization is exactly what SchoolCues imagined it to be. You might run into problems if you have some differences.

SchoolCues for Parent Engagement

TUIO Thrives in Business Administration of Schools

TUIO offers features that make managing your school and business development for your organization easy. This includes waitlists and admissions, school payments and student records, and more! TUIO focuses less on parent communication and thrives in features that make administration and enrollment growth seamless. TUIO is customizable. They have a ready-to-go solution but understand that each school is unique. Their reps will provide customizations without having to do anything technical yourself!

SchoolCues Users Talk of Confusing Interface

SchoolCues is designed to be cost effective. And, that's where their focus is and they really thrive on providing an affordable tool. That said, that means less is spent on ensuring ease of use. On the other hand, TUIO's interface is built to be intuitive. A simple to use software makes it easier to implement amongst both parents and staff. According to users, both companies have great on-boarding sessions available so new customers can get started right away! If you're a tech-savvy group, SchoolCues might work for you.

Reviews on Software Customer Support

Both companies are responsive to customer suggestions and make system improvements where feasible. Where they differ is how you can request help.SchoolCues only offers support through email. TUIO’s approach to support is more accessible — which results in quicker solutions. TUIO has live in-person support by phone, e-mail, or chat. The company provides support to administrators, teachers, and families. Meaning, you no longer have to answer questions about the systems you use!

Your System Choice Depends on Your Organizational Needs

Price isn’t going to be the big differentiator between these two companies. Between TUIO and SchoolCues, whether one may be better for you than the other depends on your organizational needs. There are some key differences that may help you decide which one is right for your school.

For example, if you're looking for great customer support and custom options with easy-to-use integrations, TUIO might be the right product for you. If you're a small school that wants to focus on parent communication and only needs the basics for payments and enrollment, you might want to try SchoolCues. Remember, both software’s have great on-boarding and only require a few clicks to setup an account before being able to start using immediately!

Hopefully this comparison has helped clarify the differences between TUIO and SchoolCues!

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Customer Testimonials

The quotes below are provided by verified customers providing feedback on Capterra.


“The SchoolCues user interface is developed by the software engineering team. The good thing about this is that once you understand how the software is designed, then it makes sense. The bad thing is that you need to think like a software engineer to make sense of it”
Capterra Review
“Still some bugs to work out; however, the team was very responsive to issues."
Former SchoolCues customer
"It is not customizable by design. This is a good thing because it helps keep the cost and price down, and you learn to us it quickly without having to make a ton of decisions for everything. The bad part of this is that if you need to do something different from what the software does, you are out of luck."


"Great value and very user-friendly. The customer service is fast and helpful. It is easy to manage and change invoices and refund full or partial invoices. The way registrations are set up is flexible with multiple options."
Bree Z.
“The setup process was relatively easy and the customer support is great. I feel they have really thought of every option needed to process payment for Tuition and Registration Fees."
Shari M.
"There are a few features which would be nice to have such as the ability to modify the payment amounts once an invoice has been issued. However, Tuio has been very responsive to suggestions and is continually publishing new features/functionality."
Glenn W.