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Our mission is to reduce the cost of doing business for childcare organizations.

We created TUIO to simplify and centralize where parents make payments and administrators manage and track school fees. To further improve processes, we added features like online enrollment and a student information system. By automating their systems, schools and child care centres are saving hours of work and getting paid on time.

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How TUIO is Different

TUIO combines ease of use, affordability and superior customer support, to fully deliver seamless experience for childcare organizations and their customers. As an integrated service, TUIO offers:



A former finance professional, Lelian started TUIO in 2017 after seeing how much time schools and childcare centers spent on invoicing, collecting and reconciling payments. When he’s not focused on improving TUIO, Lelian enjoys skiing, scuba diving and practicing muay thai (thai boxing), as well as playing the violin in an orchestra.


A serial tech entrepreneur, Keith’s passion is identifying business problems and creating innovative solutions to solve them. He’s behind dozens of apps and is an avid nature explorer.


Prior to TUIO, Oren gained significant operational experience working under an experienced COO. He is now leveraging those skills in helping TUIO scale rapidly. His areas of responsibility include onboarding new customers and new employees, content production and strategy, and customer support.

Growth Manager

Shaun Engelbrecht

Project Manager

Business Development Representative

Quality Assurance Specialist

Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer


TUIO Customers 2021

What people are saying about TUIO.

"Customer support is prompt and respond to us and our families faster than any company I have ever worked with!"
"The software is so easy to use, and it keeps everything organized and neat. We no longer have to chase parents down for payments. It’s also such a help that TUIO handles the reconciliation of failed payments."
"TUIO helps us take care of tuition collection so that it is smooth and effortless. My time spent on billing and student payments has been cut in half thanks to TUIO."
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BBB Accredited

Accredited by Better Business Bureau since 2019. With an A+ rating and 0 customer complaints in our 5 years of operations.

Capterra User Reviews
One of the top rated Payment Processing Software on Capterra, rated 4.5 out of stars and with plenty of 5 star reviews.
Our Kids the Trusted Source
One of the preferred partners with several active customers from the Our Kids private school guide.



Exclusive partnership with Montessori Compass since 2018 who recognized our fast growth and best in class product for schools and daycares. MC customers receive discounted payment solution with TUIO to complement their MC school software product.

Daily Connect
In 2018, Daily Connect partnered with TUIO for our easy to use platform and ability payment processing across North America. Daily Connect helps child care centres build better parent relationships and streamline operations, and now can offer a parent billing option through TUIO.


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Users across North America


Payments processed annually


Operations split equally between Canada and US


Growth year over year

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