Student Enrollment Management System

TUIO is a leading provider of a K-12 student enrollment management system. Our online student registration system supports recruitment, registration, waitlists, student record keeping, as well as payments and student financials.

Enrolment management software, TUIO desktop application

Digitize student registration with TUIO

Nothing is more frustrating to school administrators and parents than a chaotic enrollment and admissions process. Unfortunately, many schools still rely on outdated manual processes that allow information to slip through the cracks and cause confusion. This is why registration software for schools can be a powerful tool to make the start of the year a lot less stressful for everyone.

TUIO’s student enrollment management system is the central place for your school’s administrators, students, and parents to provide and access admissions information digitally. Each user logins through their own portal to access an online dashboard. Together, the information gathered from these users creates an online profile for each student.

Benefits of student enrollment software

checkStreamlined processes — Enrollment takes only minutes, lessening the stress for parents.

checkCustomized forms — Tailor your registration forms to include only the details that matter for your school.

checkInstant confirmation — Parents can know right away if their children have been enrolled, eliminating uncertainty.

checkOne repository for data — Administrators and families can access all the information they need from a single portal.

checkEfficient enrollment — Our online registration software for schools cuts down on paperwork and tedious data entry to a considerable degree.

checkGreater accuracy — There’s less chance of human error or oversight with this enrollment software for schools.


A convenient system for self-serve registration

TUIO understands the admissions process is time consuming. Our online enrollment system provides a flexible, secure, and mobile-ready way for parents to register their kids in your school. This self-serve tool is convenient for parents and saves administration time!

“Enrollment time is a very chaotic period for our daycare. But with TUIO, it is definitely a lot easier to manage it all.”

Regine Epolo

Founder & Director , Les Amis du Monde

All-in-one school management system

TUIO streamlines your administrative processes. Parents provide student and family information filling out a digital registration form using TUIO. Upon enrollment or once admitted through the waitlist, student registration details flow into TUIO’s student information system. This data can then be used to create payment plans with the integrated student payment system. Check out our article on school management systems and how to spot a good one.

 checkTuition management system Our school enrollment management software instantly creates accounts for each student to help track tuition payments with accuracy.

checkStudent information system Use our admissions and enrollment management software to fill out your student rolls in a matter of seconds and keep them up to date.

checkOnline school fundraising Keep a list of current families so you know who to reach out to when you need to raise funds.

“Overall, we are delighted with TUIO. We now collect Registrations, Summer Camp choices, and Student Information online and it all flows seamlessly into the billing aspect of TUIO.”

Marina Illic

York Montessori School

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TUIO class enrollment software includes:

checkLive direct support available to both staff and families at no extra charge.

checkEasy set up and customization.

checkA simple one-hour onboarding process.

checkCustom forms & fields to collect any information.

checkRobust encryption system to safeguard information.

checkCustom downloadable reports.

checkResolving failed payments on your behalf.

checkSelf-serve registration with information flowing to SIS.

checkAutomation of payments and receive funds the same day parents make a payment.

checkPayment software, student information system, fundraising, and communication features.

Features of TUIO enrollment management system

Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

We’re here to help! When you join TUIO you become part of our community, which means we take care of you. TUIO offers live customer support that is available by chat, e-mail, and phone.

Payments Automation

Easy and Useful Software

TUIO’s enrollment management software technology anticipates users’ needs with a custom, mobile-friendly experience. Using TUIO admissions software for schools, parents and staff coordinate admissions, student information, and payments, anywhere & anytime.

Customized Reporting

Custom Features

Enjoy custom functionality with TUIO. Collect accurate data with custom forms & fields to build the perfect registration form. Print or export a variety of easy-to-read custom reports that keep track of enrolled families, potential families, and waitlist families.

Key information to collect for online enrollment

personal information collection enrollment

Student Profile Information

check Name (preferred name)
check Birthday
check Age
check Picture

Acknowledgements and Consents

check Acknowledging program details like bringing a packed lunch
check Consents to participating in various activities
check Liability waiver
check Accepting terms

e-signature in student registration software
emergency info in enrollment management system

Emergency information

check Parent / guardian contact information
check Home & work addresses
check Allergies
check Religious or cultural specifics

Payment information

check Preferred payment method (debit, credit, wire transfer)
check Multiple sibling discounts
check Payment splitting between parents

payment for student registration

Student Registration System FAQ

Does TUIO’s registration system allow custom fields?

Yes! TUIO lets schools create custom digital registration and enrollment forms. Our forms & fields feature offers limitless flexibility to your registration process.

What is enrollment management?

Enrollment management includes all of the administrative tasks involved in the admissions process. Using school enrollment software improves the overall experience for families. Schools receive more accurate data, administration save time on simple tasks, and your waitlists stay organized. Once students are enrolled, their online record is seamlessly transferred to the student information system.

How to increase enrollment?

Schools can increase enrollment by improving communication with parents and the overall experience for families. An effective enrollment management system will simplify administrative tasks for both you and your families, meaning more time spent building meaningful relationships that lead to more student registration. Read our blog post about how to boost student enrollment.

How to create a registration system?

You can create a registration system using registration forms and parent information folders. But, these days parents expect schools to effectively use technology to manage their student registration. Registration systems are an important part of staying organized throughout the admissions process.

What are the benefits of online student registration?

Online student registration improves a family’s experience upon enrolling their child(ren) in your school. In North American, 73% of school administration leaders agree that their web-based technology is the most important marketing tool when it comes to student engagement and facilitating registration. Unfortunately, only 10% rate their use of technology solutions as effective. TUIO’s school registration software is a simple solution for your school!

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