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A leading provider of a K-12 enrollment management and student registration system. TUIO meets the demands of school administrators and parents alike. Our web-based online student registration system combines student recruiting, admissions, school waitlists, student information database, and student financials.

TUIO enrollment management system acts as a central place for school administrators, students, and parents to provide and access information. Each with their own portal, together, these users form a student profile for each attendee or prospective student at your school.

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Student Registration System
TUIO understands the admissions process can be time consuming. By using an online software, TUIO offers a flexible, secure and mobile-ready way for parents to register their kids in your school. This self-serve tool is not only convenient for parents but streamlines importing up-to-date information and maintaining accurate records for school administrators. Student registration details provided by parents flow straight into TUIO's student information system. This data can then be used to customize or automate payments with the integrated student payment system.

Features of a student registration & enrollment management system


Increase and respond to demand with waitlists for prospective students.

User Portals

Technology that anticipates each users’ needs, with a custom mobile-friendly experience.

Online Payments

From payments for registering to automated tuition payments.


Automation of simple tasks, accurate data, and effective use of information.

K - 12 schools

Central place to store and track student data from across locations.


Online portal that coordinates admissions, student information, and payments, anywhere & anytime.

Key information to collect for online enrollment

Student profile information, such as name, birth date, and picture.
Student registration system profile
Acknowledgement of program details, pricing, & terms.
Online enrollment software
Emergency information, such as parent contact & list of allergies
Emergency information for student admissions
Payment information, such as method, splitting, or discounts.
Payment information for enrollment management system

Enrollment management and student registration system FAQ

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