Montessori School Software

Administrative tasks have never been so easy with the Montessori school software by TUIO.

Electronically manage administrative tasks

Stop chasing down parents! With TUIO’s Montessori software, you won’t have to worry about sending reminders, processing payments, or updating student records – it’s all automated. We make joining TUIO Montessori school management software easy. From day 1, you will have support from your personal TUIO specialist who will guide you through on-boarding and set up.

Your mission is to provide students with individualized education, and anything that distracts your team from that goal hurts their development. With the help of our Montessori payment and management solution, school administrators and educators can have many of the tedious and time-consuming behind-the-scenes tasks taken off their shoulders. This means they will have more bandwidth for what truly matters most — the children.

TUIO software for Montessori schools includes

Tuition Management

TUIO automatically sends invoices and accepts payments online from parents.

Enrollment Management

Understand your pipeline! With TUIO’s simple dashboard, view all active, enrolled, and waitlisted students.

Fundraising & Communication Features

Send group or individual messages to your families about anything from new programs to sponsorship opportunities.

Student Information System

Families have their own accounts where they can add, update, and maintain accurate student records.

See why Montessori schools love TUIO

Marina Illic

York Montessori School

“Overall, we are delighted with TUIO. We have peace of mind in knowing that the finances of the school are secure and well-organized. Our parents are very pleased we decided to join TUIO.”

Roula Porcelli

Petite Maison Montessori

“The system is intuitive and simple to navigate. Our parents have had nothing but good things to say about how much they like the system. And the time savings for everyone have been huge since we implemented TUIO.”

Yanli Qu

Willows Christian Montessori School

“TUIO helps us take care of tuition collection so that it is smooth and effortless. I don’t have to remind parents of an upcoming or late payment, as the money is automatically withdrawn – I love that!”

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Better engagement with parents

Having parents engaged with their children’s learning and on your side is crucial for your success. One of the most important benefits of our communication software for Montessori schools is how easy it makes staying connected to your parent community. By streamlining communication with parents, you can keep in touch with parents in real-time, including instant email notices and messages delivered in the same app they use to register and make payments. We help facilitate more-frequent and more-intuitive communication, keeping families engaged and ensuring everyone is pulling together to achieve the best results for students.

Using Montessori school software

User-friendly technology

We are highly adaptive to customer needs with thoughtful engineering and usability excellence. Because TUIO’s Montessori software is simple enough for every parent to use, you can focus on what matters most, so each child has the best learning environment possible.

Secure & confidential

Collecting payments and record-keeping takes a lot of time and effort! Our web-based Montessori school software makes it easy to manage all administrative tasks in one secure location. TUIO guarantees data privacy while still being easily accessible from any device.

tuio safety software
payment information upon registration

Automate processes

Automation frees up administration from having to do simple, repetitive tasks – saving you time and money! TUIO trains your staff, including administration, directors, and even parents, prior to getting them up and running in the Montessori school software. In no time, you’ll streamline admissions, student information, school payments, communication, and fundraising for your Montessori community.

“Parents having more control

is the biggest game changer for me.”

Bonnie Shearer

Head of St. Peter’s Montessori School