Admission Software for Schools

Enrolling students has never been so easy with
admissions software by TUIO.

Simple & affordable school admissions solution

Admissions software is an important aspect of business development for schools and to save time for administrators. TUIO provides K-12 schools an online solution that meets a broad set of administrative needs. Our software streamlines enrollment, aids in retention, collects student information, and simplifies payment processing.

Why schools & parents love TUIO

No mistakes

Parents enter registration information about their child and select school payment options in the online system.

Better relationships

TUIO enhances the experience of current and prospective students by improving the application process to make enrollment effortless.

Save time

Automating administrative tasks frees up staff time to focus on tasks that increase your school’s reputation with real student engagement.


Collect error-free uniform data

Online school admission forms ensure data is collected and transferred in the same way. Having uniform data reduces errors in the administrative process. The benefits of an admission software are that you can ensure uniform data by restricting answer types. TUIO forms are easy to use and flexible for collecting data. You can develop a form with ease using the multiple choice function, only allow yes or no answers, require specific formats, such as day/month/year, and more!

Connect admissions with payments in our admissions software

Simplify school fees by automating billing for students accepted into your program. You can even set up a registration fee. From application to enrollment, TUIO streamlines the processes and manages all your administrative tasks. This not only saves you time but also supports your staff with on time collections. Invoices get issued automatically and autopay is processed based on the terms selected at registration. Once parents make a payment, funds are sent to you the very same day.


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See why clients love TUIO

Natalia Galinskaya

Little Owl Private School

“Thanks to TUIO, our families now have access to a personal online dashboard, where they can review and update student information on their own, any time of day. In turn, this allows our team to focus on the most important parts of our activity (spending time with the children and strengthening the customer relationship with the parents).”

Stephani Tomazos

Odyssey Montessori School

“We enjoy the flexibility that TUIO offers. We are able to collect our tuition payments, admissions, and produce tax receipts all in one software. TUIO also allows us to create new enrollments and assign invoices with just a few clicks.”

Amanda Lanahan

North Bridge Child Development

“The support TUIO gives us is outstanding and the response time is extremely fast when we have questions. I feel like my needs are appreciated and met with the same care for my
business as we have.”


Respond to equitable admissions policies

Districts across North America are requiring admissions policies that promote equitable access. These requirements can be quite complicated and take a lot of time when you’re using traditional clunky enrollment practices. With TUIO admissions software, you can use lottery system enrollment, waitlists, and first-come first-serve to accept new students. Goodbye clunky registration forms and excel spreadsheets!

What makes TUIO

TUIO combines ease of use, affordability and superior customer support to fully deliver a seamless experience for childcare organizations and their customers. We are proud to serve you! As an integrated service, TUIO offers:

  • Admissions Software
  • Tuition Management System
  • Enrollment Management System
  • Student Information System
  • Communication Features
  • Fundraising Platform


“We love the flexibility of TUIO. We can create new

enrollments and assign invoices with just a few clicks.”

Stephanie Tomazos

Odyssey Montessori School