Simple & Affordable Admissions Software

Admissions software is an important aspect to support business development for schools. TUIO provides K-12 schools a connected solution that meets a broad set of administrative needs. Our technological solution streamlines enrollment and retention, student information collection, and payment processing.

Our comprehensive admissions solution enhances the experience of current and prospective students by improving the application process and freeing up staff time. By automating administrative tasks, staff can focus on tasks that increase your schools enrollment, reputation, and engagement. TUIO supports K - 12 schools from application to graduation, integrating the admissions process with a student information system and a school payment system.

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How does admissions software work?

Admissions software uses technology to reduce time wasted on repetitive simple tasks and make enrollment simple. The first step is to create an online registration form. A proper online admissions system like TUIO should allow custom form fields. Custom form fields allow you to request any school-specific information that is covered in the new family registration package.

Forms can be used to gather student and family information and more:

Using an admissions software, students input their data with an online registration form. This enrollment form can be provided to returning students through TUIO and prospective students by e-mail in order to start the admissions process. This self-serve information creates a student profile. The student profile can later be updated in the student information system.
  • Child's name, age, and grade
  • Emergency contact information
  • Clubs, sports, and arts extracurriculars
  • Allergies and medical issues
  • Medications and epipen use
  • Billing requests

What are the benefits of an online registration software?

Online school admission forms ensure data is collected and transferred in the same way. Having uniform data reduces errors in the administrative process. The benefits of an admission software is that you can ensure uniform data by restricting answer types. When you create a form in TUIO you can, use the multiple choice function, only allow yes or no answers, or require specific formats, such as day/month/year.

Another benefit is that automation of repetitive administrative tasks frees up staff time. Leaving more time to focus on what matters, like tasks that boost student enrollment.

With TUIO you can integrate your registration, information maintenance, payment, and reporting processes. You can choose to charge an enrollment fee or an automatic enrollment up to a max capacity. Once you accept students through the admissions software, they get access to TUIO and can provide additional information and even set-up their payment plan.

An integrated admissions software means going paperless from registration to waitlist to graduation. The benefits of going paperless are many. Not only are you saving the environment but staff time. Going paperless means less time spent on clerical work and more time doing what matters. Typing out registration information, filing forms, organizing, and keeping track of paperwork can create a severe strain on your time - especially when things go wrong! Time spent on paperwork is cut down when using technological solutions.

Provinces and states across North America are requiring admissions policies that promote equitable access. Administrative staff leafing through paper applications is not in line with these changes. TUIO allows lottery system enrollment as well as a waitlist - offering a fair way of accepting new students.

TUIO can be implemented at anytime as it can be easily integrated with your current system. Students can be added manually or by spreadsheet import, and later through the online registration form system. This flexibility continues to allow for various use cases.

“TUIO is concerned about increasing and maintaining enrolment and making it easy for you to get paid. If you want your teacher to have an iPad and send pictures to the parents, that’s not our school administration software, we’re the business side of things.”
Lelian - TUIO CEO

Why online registration and student payments go hand-in-hand?

In the online registration process you will learn about your students to accommodate them properly. Once admitted, this data is placed in the student information system and can be used to customize school payments. Families can receive different rates based on their specific context. School fee payments can be automatically split between separated parents. Multi-student families can receive discounts. Receipts can be automatically sent, and more!
"Thanks to TUIO, our families now have access to a personal online dashboard, where they can review and update student information on their own, any time of day. In turn, this allows our team to focus on the most important parts of our activity (spending time with the children and strengthening the customer relationship with the parents)."
Little Owl Private School

Direct support before & after the admissions process

Simple but effective, a TUIO rep will customize the registration form, admissions software, and school payment system to meet your needs. Once customized, onboarding and learning the tool only involves a one hour live session!

Once you are up and running, you have full access to a TUIO rep - yes, a real person. TUIO pricing includes assistance for families too - whether its figuring online enrollment or paying monthly tuition. With information about their child's online school fees, access to student information, and a dedicated TUIO rep, you won't be getting many repetitive, simple questions from parents anymore!

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