Online Tuition Management System

With TUIO’s online tuition management system, schools easily manage payments, and parents pay school fees in one centralized place.

TUIO tuition management software desktop application

TUIO handles all your tuition management needs

We know that accepting payments from parents online is only the tip of the iceberg. With TUIO you can streamline payments and processes from waitlist to graduation. Our tuition management system integrates with TUIO enrolment management and a student information system at no extra cost.

If you are new to third party software for schools, before you dive in, feel free to check out our article explaining the basics of how online tuition management software works.

The Benefits of TUIO Tuition Management System

For Administrators

checkLive direct support available to staff at no extra charge. Get help whenever you need it.

checkEasy set up and customization. Have the perfect software customized for your needs in a matter of moments.

checkA simple one-hour onboarding process. Your staff will be able to hit the ground running.

checkAutomation for payments. Streamline your processes and take the burden off your team.

checkRobust encryption system to safeguard information. Use our platform with confidence.

checkCustom downloadable reports. Dive deep into your data for continuous improvement efforts.

checkResolving failed payments on your behalf. You can keep your revenue streams flowing as efficiently as possible.

checkConfidential and secure payment transactions. Protect your most valuable data.

checkFunds sent to you the same day parents make a payment. Never wait for a cheque to clear ever again.

checkAdmissions software, student information system, fundraising, and communication features. Powerful integrations with TUIO’s entire platform make your operations smoother.

For Families

checkLive free support available. Parents can receive the help they need without waiting for your office to return their calls.

checkAutomated payments including full access to payment history and receipts. Make tuition payments as convenient as possible.

checkSecure encryption to protect financial information. Let parents pay their tuition with peace of mind.

checkAll transactions are secure and confidential. Protect your parent community from data breaches and cybercrime.

checkFull-featured parent portal with customized dashboard. Put the power of our software at parents’ fingertips.

checkStudent profiles that can be updated after admission. Families can keep students’ data up to date on their own.

A user-friendly, all-in-one solution for schools and parents

See below for a snapshot of how the tuition management system feature of TUIO’s billing software for schools works for administrators and parents.

With TUIO, school administrators can easily send invoices, create payment options, manage accounts receivable, automate the collections, and report on transactions through a user-friendly interface. Our online system reconciles payments in real-time to provide schools with accurate financial snapshots.

Parents access TUIO online through a parent portal. They will then have access to a custom dashboard where they can view outstanding and future invoices, update payment preferences, pay fees, automate payments, view payment history, and access receipts. Using our enrollment feature, parents can even set-up their child's student profile and update information after admissions.


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Personalized direct support

Chasing down parents is off of your to-do list. TUIO provides personalized, live support. We answer questions from both parents and staff. You no longer need to worry about overdue or failed payments. TUIO will resolve the matter for you. Instead, you can spend time on what really matters.

“TUIO representatives are quick, knowledgeable, and kind. It feels like we are their only clients! They are receptive and have a team mentality. They really hear us with the desire to meet our needs.”

Carolyn Langley

Executive Director of Foreign Christian Online Academy

TUIO app for school payments, showing the dashboard

Save time with automation

Automation frees up administration from having to do simple, repetitive tasks – saving you time and money! For example, our online software supports autopay. For institutions with reoccurring or regular fees, automated payments are a game-changer.

“It is good to work with a company that responds to my needs so closely. I would definitely recommend TUIO to other schools that are looking for a pain-free way to automate administrative tasks and school payments.”

Virginia Ramirez

Principal, Northstar Montessori Private School

Case Study

Northstar Montessori educates nearly 300 students a year. Prior to TUIO, everything was done completely manually to push out the payments. They had to be responsible for all the parent payment data and make sure to input the correct information with the bank. This process would take them 10 business days to complete.

With TUIO, everything is now automated and parents are in control of their own payment information. Parents are responsible for their data in a secured, PCI compliant portal, knowing their payments to the school are safe. Northstar Montessori no longer needs to hold sensitive payment data at their location, has their entire invoicing and fee payment process automated, and saves 40+ hours every month that can be well spent on other tasks. 


Custom options for unique needs

The tuition management software uses the information provided by parents to generate a student profile. Within this student profile they can select the payment plan that best suits their needs. A parent doesn’t want auto-pay? They can choose automatic reminders instead. Legal guardians from separate households? The student payments can be divided. The options that schools can set up for families are endless.

“TUIO has saved me a ton of time. I love that I am able to mass assign the children to different programs and to be able to create different payment plans within each program. It’s easy to customize a payment plan specific to a parent’s needs if necessary.”

Kelly Van Sande

Ignite Learning Academy

family chooses unique payment options
Custom program options in school software
school administrator gets paid

Get paid on time with TUIO

TUIO is easy and convenient for parents to use. Parents can make school payments on their desktop or phone whenever they want, wherever they want — not just when banks or schools are open. Using TUIO, schools can accept tuition payments, registration fees, one-off payments for special courses, and more! 

“TUIO helps us take care of tuition collection to be smooth and effortless. I no longer need to customize payments for parents or keep track of who’s paid, as this is all automated now. My time spent on billing and payments has been cut in half thanks to TUIO.”

Yanli Qu

Founder & Director , Willows Christian Montessori School

No Hidden Fees

All of TUIO’s fees are clear and upfront. No hidden or unnecessary fees.

Secure Online Payments

TUIO is PCI DSS compliant as a secure online tuition solution and payment system. We never store private information on our servers. All payment information is tokenized and encrypted.


Comparing TUIO to other providers

We’ve created these software comparisons to give you the resources to make an informed decision about tuition management systems. Discover why schools and childcare organizations are choosing TUIO.

FACTS Tuition

“The onboarding process was extremely streamlined, and we were up and running within a week of signing up, with minimal involvement on our end other than providing basic family/customer information.”


“The system is intuitive and simple to navigate while being powerful on the backend to support our needs. Our parents have had nothing but good things to say about how much they like the system.”


“I used to have to run to the bank 3-4 times every single month to deposit cheques. That’s completely gone now. In fact, this has been such a success for me, that I have completely stopped accepting cheques.”

Start automating

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