TUIO Tuition Management System

TUIO online tuition management system is a hassle-free way to collect school fees from parents and manage your students' financials in one place. Good school software works on the parent side and the school administration side. Our tuition management application incorporates admissions software and a student information system for the same price!

TUIO simplifies tuition management for parents and administrators.

With TUIO, administrative staff can easily set up payment plans, monitor accounts receivable, download reports, and manage financial information. The online portal for parents means they are free to make payments online at their own convenience — not just when banks are open. And, we don’t hold funds like banks. Instead, funds will be sent to your account within 24 hours of parents making the payment. Your school will be sent the payment the very next day!
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Administrator using tuition payment software

Software that includes unparalleled personalized direct support.

We’re more than an online platform. TUIO provides personalized tuition management services and live support to save your staff time. TUIO answers the parent's questions and makes it easy for your families to pay you.

If a parent's payment fails, a TUIO representative will reach out to the parent or financial institution to resolve the matter on your behalf. Instead of waiting on hold with the banks and calling stressed parents, you can spend your time on what really matters. According to a recent report on overdraft fees, billions in NSF fees are unfairly collected each year across North America. And, Canadian banks raised NSF fees during the pandemic. Luckily, TUIO waives all NSF fees. Bye bye unhappy parents and hello time saver!

More than a tuition management system, TUIO includes:

  • Direct support from an actual person! Available to both you and your families at no extra charge.
  • Set-up and customization of your TUIO system.
  • A streamlined one hour onboarding process.
  • Automation of school payments.
  • Admissions software.
  • Student information system.
  • Setting up downloadable reports for your unique context.
  • Confidential and secure software and suppport.
  • Resolving failed parent payments on your behalf.
“It is good to work with a company that responds to my needs so closely. I would definitely recommend TUIO to other schools that are looking for a pain-free way to automate administrative tasks and school payments.”

Our tuition management software automates tasks.

Automation takes the pain away from administration of having to do simple, repetitive tasks, saving you time - and money! Our tuition management system supports autopay. Equally, parents can avoid the stress and potential cost of late payments. With payments coming in on time, you can plan ahead with guaranteed cashflow. Parents don't want autopay? Parents who opt out of autopay receive automatic reminders and call TUIO, instead of your staff, if they need assistance. TUIO offers custom pricing catering to all sizes.

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"TUIO representatives are quick, knowledgeable, and kind. It feels like we are their only clients! They are receptive and have a team mentality. They really hear us with the desire to meet our needs.”

TUIO offers a secure and convenient way for parents to manage tuition payments.

Information provided by parents using admissions software included with TUIO creates a student profile. The tuition management software uses data from the student profile to auto-generate payment plans for each family (or each parent, if separated!) This information is used to develop their custom dashboard. Parents can login to their dashboard to view outstanding and future payments, access receipts, and pay online without ever talking to your staff. Parents can now easily manage and make school payments for courses, field trips, parking permits, band expenses, library fees, etc.

Director of Montessori School loves TUIO!

“I am the founder and director of Willows Christian Montessori School and we have been using TUIO tuition management system for 6 months. Our experience so far is great - TUIO works very well! TUIO helps us take care of tuition collection so that it is smooth and effortless. Prior to TUIO, managing tuition payments took hours, hours. Time that I now save!

I no longer need to customize payments for parents or keep track of who’s paid as this is all automated now and I only need to login to TUIO to view financials. I no longer have to remind parents as the money is automatically withdrawn - I love that!

We joined TUIO part way through the year. When we have a new student, we only have to set them up and then we don’t have to do anything else until the end of the year. I do not have to put in time thinking about it. My time spent on billing and payments has been cut in half thanks to TUIO.”

TUIO vs. Facts

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