FACTS Tuition Management System v. TUIO

We’ve received a lot of questions about FACTS Tuition Management and how it compares to TUIO. In response, we used feedback and testimonials from current and past FACTS clients to develop this article for you.

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Facts Tuition Management helps school with attendance, billing, enrollment, parent notices, newsletters, teacher professional development, and website development. Schools are charged for each additional functionality they use. At times, the software can be click-intensive, requiring multiple steps to get something done. Facts Tuition Management is intended to be used by everyone at the school – picture teachers with iPad in hand.

TUIO’s affordable and easy-to-use solution focuses on school management. Simplifying and automating administrative tasks for your school. TUIO includes tuition management, enrollment management, a student information system, and a fundraising platform at no extra cost. That’s why organizations across North America are choosing TUIO!

The difference between TUIO and FACTS tuition management

No longer burdened by traditionally clunky administrative processes. 
Now, you need to choose the right one for your school and parents!

Facts Tuition Management is a division of a large publicly traded company called Nelnet Inc. With so many departments and products, technical support can be slow and unresponsive. If you don't need support and are tech-savvy, FACTS might be for you! As a robust software, FACTS has a full spectrum of all the features and functions a school could dream of. The features are each a separate division and therefore are separate costs.

TUIO's only division is providing you with the best school management solution.

With TUIO, school administrators can easily send invoices, create payment options, manage accounts receivable, automate the collections, and report on transactions through a user-friendly interface. Parents access TUIO online through a parent portal where they can view outstanding and future invoices, update payment preferences, pay fees, automate payments, view payment history, and access receipts. Our online system reconciles payments in real-time to provide schools with accurate financial snapshots.


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TUIO is rated #1 by parents on Capterra

Capterra, a leader in reviewing software, compares dozens of school management systems. Check out reviews from TUIO customers on Capterra and read testimonials from principals, school administrators and child care centre owners using TUIO. Then, see what users have to say about FACTS as their system.

“We have used several other systems prior to TUIO, including other electronic systems. I can say with confidence, nothing compares to TUIO. Our families did not like the previous systems. We have received positive feedback from families about TUIO and if the parents have any questions, they can ask TUIO directly. Luckily we have not ran into many problems!”

Tide Water School


Save time with good software

Ever spend more time learning a new tool than doing your job? Ever take more time troubleshooting tech issues than doing something manually? That should not be the case!

With TUIO, your staff and parents start using the software after a one-hour live onboarding session. Included in the software is ongoing live customer support. Comparatively, last year, Facts Tuition Management launched a new program for K-12 professional educators to provide in-depth coaching sessions for teachers and administrators.

“Unlike our last billing system, TUIO listens to what we think would help make their program more convenient for us and they actually see what they can do.”

Westside Montessori Academy


Why school administrators prefer TUIO over Facts

Bigger isn’t always better. Make sure your parents and staff can actually use the system you implement! Keep it smart but simple. 

With TUIO, both staff and families receive live in-person support from a TUIO rep. Yes, that’s real humans in real time! Support is accessible by chat, phone, or e-mail. We pride ourselves in prompt, helpful solutions.

Not only is TUIO more affordable than Facts Tuition Management -- we waive all NSF fees, resolve failed parent payments on your behalf, and send same day business payouts, instead of in 3 - 7 days like FACTS.

Use TUIO risk-free, with no monthly or annual fees.

Our intuitive dashboard makes starting your school with TUIO a breeze. Our software is so easy to use that our onboarding process only requires a 1-hour meeting. By keeping it simple, we keep staff and parents happy - and save you time!

With an original focus on payment processing functionality for schools, security is a top priority for TUIO. We follow industry best security protocols and we do not retain sensitive financial information. TUIO is PCI and DSS compliant by meeting global data security standards for collecting safe payments worldwide.


TUIO’s school management software includes

checkSet up and customization by a TUIO representative.

checkA simple one-hour onboarding process.

checkTuition management system.

checkEnrollment management and waitlists.

checkStudent Information System.

checkCommunication and fundraising features.

checkResolving failed payments on your behalf.

checkLive support included with the software.

checkRobust encryption system to safeguard information.

check School budgets and financial forecasting.


How much does Facts Tuition Management Cost?

FACTS Tuition Management does not provide transparent information about their pricing model. TUIO charges schools based on usage and enrollment. We pride ourselves in offering the only school management solution that educational organizations can use risk-free! No monthly or annual fees and no contracts.

How do you sign up for Facts Tuition Management?

To become a new client with FACTS you start with a webinar session to get acquainted with the product. After the webinar, you start training. For instance, there is a program for K-12 professional educators to provide in-depth coaching sessions for teachers and administrators

With TUIO, onboarding involves a one-hour live onboarding session with a TUIO rep. TUIO can take care of customizations. After that, we’re just a phone call or e-mail away if you need anything more. Client testimonials speak to how intuitive and easy the system is to use and navigate.

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