Facts Tuition Management vs. TUIO

Facts Tuition Management is a premium multi-use school administration and classroom management tool. Facts Tuition Management helps school with attendance, billing, enrollment, parent notices, newsletters, teacher professional development, website development, and everything under the sun. Facts Tuition Management is intended to be used by everyone at the school. Pictures teachers with ipad in hand. And, we know that not all schools need all the bells and whistles.

In comparison, TUIO is an easy-to-use and affordable solution for school administration from student registration to graduation. TUIO focuses on the following administrative tasks:

Parents make payments and provide student information, and schools receive payments and manage data all in one place. Each user has their own portal with a custom dashboards! Staff and parents can access relevant, personalized information from their dashboard, without engaging staff, saving schools thousands of hours and making it easy for parents to pay and be informed.

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TUIO tuition management system
Facts Tuition Management
“We have used several other systems prior to TUIO, including other electronic systems. I can say with confidence, nothing compares to TUIO. Our families did not like the previous systems. We have received positive feedback from families about TUIO and if the parents have any questions, they can ask TUIO directly. Luckily we have not ran into many problems!”

Your school management system should save you time.

Ever spend more time learning a new tool than doing your job? Ever take more time troubleshooting tech issues than doing something manually? Last year, Facts Tuition Management launched a new program for K-12 professional educators to provide in-depth coaching sessions for teachers and administrators using Facts. Whereas, TUIO takes care of the customization for you! And onboarding involves only a one hour live session with your TUIO representative.

Facts Tuition Management is a division of large publicly traded company Nelnet Inc. TUIO's only division is providing you with the best custom school management system. TUIO makes it easy, secure, and convenient for parents to access information and pay invoices and for administration to manage student information and payments - at an affordable price.

Fun fact: When a parent payment doesn't go through, TUIO reps resolve failed payments on your behalf. Because you run a school, not a collection agency! And, when a parent successfully makes a payment you receive your funds the very same day.

Saving you time and improving your cashflow is our focus. Through the TUIO dashboard, staff and parents alike can update and access student information and manage school fees online. Schools save thousands of hours of work!

TUIO is rated #1 by parents on Capterra

 Capterra, a leading software reviews and selection platform, compares TUIO against dozens of payment processing software products and student information systems. Check out reviews from TUIO customers on Capterra and read testimonials from principals, school administrators and child care centre owners using TUIO.

"I use the system to pay my daughters school fees. It is well organized and simple to use." - Eboni, a parent using TUIO.

"Our experience so far is great - TUIO works very well! TUIO helps us take care of tuition collection so that it is smooth and effortless." - Founder & Director of Willows Christian Montessori School 

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"Very easy to use and convenient. Everything is straight forward, even for those who may not be tech savvy."
Wendy, School Administrator, Review on Capterra

Why School Administrators Prefer TUIO over Facts Tuition Management

"Unlike our last billing system, TUIO listens to what we think would help make their program more convenient for us and they actually see what they can do"
West Montessori Academy
"I’ve been an educator for 7 years, and this is the first time I’ve made a product endorsement. I have been thoroughly impressed with TUIO and wanted to recommend it to other administrators of schools and daycares."
Les Amis du Monde

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