An easy to use online school payment system

TUIO is an effective yet simple school payment system. Schools use TUIO to manage accounts receivable and payroll, receive payments, and build reports for budgeting. For the same price, TUIO also includes admissions management software and a student information system so processes and data flow easily.

If you find your staff is constantly chasing down school payments from parents, you might need to consider whether you are making it easy to pay you.

TUIO streamlines receiving payments and managing them, all in one place. Parents pay online through a parent-friendly interface. And, invoicing and collecting school payments is automated for you. In our digital world, parents are accustomed to automated payments online - why not for school fees!

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Custom Online School Payment System for Your School

Customize student payments for each family's unique context. For example, divorced parents can pay separately, recurring fees can be auto withdrawn, or tuition for students on scholarship can be discounted. With TUIO, school invoices get issued on schedule, funds are sent within 24 hours of payment, and we resolve failed payments on your behalf.

You can even look up a specific family’s payment history, a snapshot of a class budget, or provide financial figures to your bookkeeper on demand. Download reports and spreadsheets directly from your administration's online portal. With the included student information system, each student will have their own profile. Here, families can make updates from their first entries during the registration process and you can view details about the student beyond financials. For example, allergies, emergency contact, behaviour, and more!

Family using school payment system

Parents enjoy the convenience of managing and paying student fees for courses, field trips, parking permits, band expenses, library fees, etc. - without talking to a staff member. And, your administrative staff save time not fielding questions that an online dashboard can answer. Check out our article on the many benefits of an online system including automatic recurring payments.

“Thanks to TUIO, our families now have access to a personal online school payment dashboard, where they can review their invoices paid and outstanding, update their payment methods on their own, any time of day.”
Natalia Galinskaya, Principal of Little Owl Preschool Elementary

No NSF Fees

School payment systems typically charge $20 to $40 per NSF. A fee that you either pass to parents or pay yourself. TUIO waives all NSF fees. Our team will reach to the parent to resolve failed payments and you don't need to get involved.

Secure Online Payments

TUIO is a secure online payment system. We never store private information on our servers. All payment information is tokenized and encrypted directly with the banks. TUIO utilizes fraud prevention tools and restricts any unauthorized access.

Parent-Friendly Payment Dashboard

Parents and schools alike are no longer burdened by the traditionally clunky registration, student information entry, and school payments processes. Using their TUIO account, parents can enter information about the student. They can have funds automatically withdrawn or schedule reminders for payments. They can choose to pay by debit, credit, and even international payment options. By accessing our online dashboard, families can view the status of their paid and outstanding school payments without contacting a school administrator.

Using TUIO, staff save time which means their school saves money because TUIO is an affordable automation of a previously tedious task. How much does it cost? Check out pricing for TUIO online student payment system.

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Customize Your School Payment Plans

Easily offer multiple payment plans in order to seize the opportunity to get paid early whenever possible

School payment method selection
  • Encourage Early Birds

    Improve your school’s cash flows by letting parents pay tuition upfront for a discount

  • Accept Deposits

    Commit prospective parents by accepting deposits to secure enrollment spots, TUIO spreads the remainder of the tuition fees over the selected billing cycle

  • Create Urgency

    Offer payment plans that expire in time, giving parents no excuse to delay securing their child’s spot in the program

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