Easy to Use Online School Payment System

TUIO provides an effective yet simple school payment system software, great for private schools and all types of childcare facilities for collecting payments.

Automate school payment processes!

If you find your staff is constantly chasing down payments from parents, you might need to consider whether you are making it easy for them to pay you. That’s why organizations across North America are choosing TUIO!

We know that collecting payments for schools is only one piece of the puzzle. That means we have included the following additional features in the price of your online school fees payment system: an enrollment management software and a student information system so your data flows easily.

Our solution makes online payment for schools as simple and streamlined as possible. No matter what type of payments your school needs to collect, this system reduces friction for users and improves their experience throughout the school year. Our online school payment system can handle:

Why parents love TUIO

No mistakes

Parents enter information about their child and payment options in the online system.

No late payments

Parents receive scheduled payment reminders and funds are automatically withdrawn on the due dates

Save time

Parents can view their invoices and payment history without contacting administration.

Easy payment options

Parents can select to pay with credit card, debit card, or even pay with an international card.

  • checkApplication Fees
  • checkCurriculum/Course Payments
  • checkDeposits
  • checkExtended Care
  • checkSchool Fundraising
  • checkTesting Fees
  • checkTuition
  • checkTuition Insurance
  • checkUniforms
  • checkAnd more

TUIO’s online school payment software includes

checkSupport with set up of your custom online student payments software by a TUIO representative.

checkA simple one-hour onboarding process.

checkAutomated invoices and payment reminders.

checkAutopay for recurring payments.

checkRobust encryption system to safeguard information.

checkEasy-to-access support with a real person for you and your families.

checkResolving failed payments on your behalf.

checkEnrollment management and student information systems.

checkFunds sent to you the same day parents make a payment.

checkA fundraising platform and communication features.

Why do schools and parents love TUIO?

With TUIO’s online payment for schools, both administrators and parents are no longer burdened by traditionally clunky school payment software. Our solutions saves time, prevents errors and ensures funding continues to flow into your institution so you can further your mission.

Parents enter information about their child and payment options in the online system. Our payment processing for education ensures no redundancies or erroneous entries.

Parents can have funds automatically withdrawn or schedule payment reminders. With the help of our online payment systems for schools, you can maintain cash flow and prevent having to chase after your parent community.

Parents can view their invoices and payment history without contacting administration. This means your staff can turn their attention to more important jobs and delivering better education to your students.

Parents can select credit, debit, or international payment options. Credit option allows them to earn points on their school payments. Our payment processing for schools makes the entire process much easier for them.

Parents can login to TUIO to receive communications from administration, pay school fees, make school donations, enroll their child in programs, update their family information, and more! It’s the perfect solution for maintaining a good relationship with the families within your educational community.


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input financial information in school payment system

Custom school payment plans

With TUIO school payment solutions, you can customize student payment options for everyone’s unique context. How? The school payment system uses the data submitted by parents to create unique payment plans. For example, divorced parents can pay separately, reoccurring fees can be auto withdrawn, or tuition for students on scholarship can be discounted.

Our system makes it easy to customize your payment plans roster. Everything can stay organized with unlimited flexibility with regards to the payment needs of your families. See why Tidewater School says “nothing compares to TUIO!”

Super simple payment process

Invoices get issued automatically on a schedule based on the family’s payment terms. Check out TUIO’s sample invoice to parents. Once parents make a payment, you’ll receive same day payouts rather than the 3 – 10 day payout period provided by other school softwares. And with our school payment system, you no longer have to chase down failed payments. If a parent’s transaction doesn’t go through, a TUIO rep will help resolve it on your behalf.

The system is known for being user-friendly, while simultaneously being powerful to meet your needs like a school account software. Our client schools administer even complex school payment management scenarios with TUIO. For example, splitting between separated parents, or doing last minute edits to an invoice amount or due date!


Convenient for parents

Parents enjoy the convenience of managing and paying student fees online for courses, field trips, parking permits, band expenses, library fees, and without talking to a staff member. And, your administrative staff save time by not fielding questions that an online dashboard can answer. With TUIO, you don’t have to be tech support or spend unnecessary time training staff and families how to use the software – it’s that easy! Onboard and launch in as little as 48 hours.

Check out our article on the many benefits of an online school payment system that support recurring payments.

“I know that my staff and parents

can always get support from TUIO.”

Regine Epolo

Director of Les Amis du Monde School