Free Sample Child Care Invoice & Child Care Receipt

Check out our sample child care invoice and a sample child care receipt below. TUIO automates invoicing and reconciliation.


Save time on child care billing

We know that collecting payments from parents can be a headache. An online child care billing software like TUIO allows you to focus on what’s important – the kids! TUIO automates sending invoices, receiving payment from parents, and following up with receipts.

In the meantime, check out how to build a child care invoice and receipts for your organization below.

What’s included in a good daycare invoice & receipt?

See below for a snapshot of important things to include in your childcare invoice and childcare receipt.

Child care invoices should include your business name, a breakdown of accounts receivable, the parent(s)' and child(ren)'s name, custom items like division between separated parents or discounts for government assistance, the date, and an invoice number for your records.

View our sample child care invoice below.

With TUIO, invoices are automatically sent to parents, reminders are automated, and parents can even agree to autopay. With autopay, funds are automatically withdrawn from their credit card every month to pay for your daycare or preschool services.

Child care receipts are provided to parents after payment and often required for tax reasons. The format should look similar to the child care invoice except titles receipt. Some daycare owners makes copies of each invoice and go through the tedious task of stamping each copy with PAID and scanning it to email to parents.

View our sample child care receipt below.

With TUIO, receipts for your daycare or preschool services are sent to parent directly after payment - without you having to lift a finger. Better yet, when parents pay online with TUIO funds are sent to you within 24 hours!


Sample child care invoice

Check out TUIO’s sample invoice to parents. With TUIO, invoices get issued automatically on a schedule based on the family’s payment terms. Once parents make a payment, funds are sent to you the very same day. And you no longer have to chase down failed payments. If a parent’s transaction doesn’t go through, a TUIO rep will resolve it with the parent on your behalf.

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Sample child care receipt by TUIO

Sample child care receipt

With TUIO, parents can access autogenerated receipts through the online parent portal – without your involvement! In one place, parents can make child care payments and daycare owners can manage financials, manage cashflow, and plan accordingly.

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Save time & money with TUIO

Chasing down parents is off of your to-do list. TUIO automates sending parents their child care invoice, withdrawing payment, sending reminders, and issuing child care tax receipts. With automation, you can focus on the important aspects of running a preschool, daycare, or child care center and TUIO will take care of administration. TUIO is also integrated with Quickbooks, so tax time is a breeze. Check out why daycare owners who used to invoice with Quickbooks love TUIO!

“After a quick chat with a TUIO rep, they quickly explain how to resolve an issues – we’ve had very few. TUIO is so simple. The Support Team is always so kind and wonderful!”

Carol Van Rootselaar

Claresholm Learn-a-Lot Playschool


Improve cashflow with TUIO

Collecting child care payments can be easy and convenient! Going digital means parents can receive childcare invoices and make school payments on their desktop or phone whenever they want — not just when banks or schools are open. You can set-up autopay for reoccurring payments or schedule reminders. TUIO also has no hidden or unnecessary fees. And, our team will reach out to the parent to resolve failed payments, so you don’t need to get involved.

“The TUIO features that have been most beneficial to us are automatic payments, partial refunds, and tax receipts. Time saving factor has been huge since we started using TUIO. As if all of this was not enough – the product is always evolving to meet our needs.”

James Teng

Little Koala Montessori School

“TUIO is very user-friendly and responsive, and it

has exceeded our highest expectations.”

Somnia Sommer

Supervisor at Gibraltar Point Day Nursery