An easy way for parents to make school payments

TUIO is an easy to use platform where parents can make school payments online through a user-friendly interface. TUIO school payment software streamlines tracking and managing school payments for administrators, while also being convenient for parents. The platform lets schools make custom charges, manage accounts and payroll and download reports.

Schools use TUIO for all kinds of accounts receivable, including payments for school trips, ended day programs, sports-related fees, and pizza lunches (just to name a few), as well as providing student-specific options and discounts. Learn more about the benefits of automatic recurring payments.

For the same price, TUIO includes an admissions software to simplify the enrollment process, collecting registration fees, and data flow with a student information system.

Online school payments

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Automate school payment collection

If your staff is constantly chasing down parents, you might need to consider whether you are making it easy to pay you - you can even automate school payment collection. Parents today are used to, and enjoy, getting information and making payments online.

Families already enjoy the convenience of autopay with different subscriptions, including Netflix, Spotify, and even insurance - so why not school payments! Making it easy for parents to pay, means parents won't make their Disney+ payment over yours!

Simple school payment login and navigation

Parents and staff save time with a less clunky school payment processes. When parents login to their school payment account, they access their custom dashboards. They can choose to have funds automatically withdrawn, schedule reminders, and select a payment method. Families can use their online dashboard to view the status school payments without contacting the school.

The TUIO online dashboard provides transparency so parents know what they are paying for. Recently in Canada, many parents spoke out against hidden school fees. TUIO keeps parents informed, which keeps them happy!

Benefits of Online School Payments

Automate customized school payments

Automate school payments online

  • Encourage Early Birds

    Improve your school’s cash flows by letting parents pay tuition upfront for a discount

  • Accept Deposits

    Commit prospective parents by accepting deposits to secure enrollment spots, Tuio spreads the remainder of the tuition fees over the selected billing cycle

  • Create Urgency

    Offer payment plans that expire in time, giving parents no excuse to delay securing their child’s spot in the program

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