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We pride ourselves in offering a powerful and user-friendly school management solution that educational organizations use to significantly reduce admin time, save money, and boost enrollment – at a reasonable price! Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself!

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What do you get with TUIO

Exceptional Customer Service
Exceptional Customer Service

TUIO is both simple and effective. Onboarding involves one 1-hour meeting to launch TUIO to staff and parents. We provide one-on-one, live support for staff, and even parents at no extra charge. Yes, that’s real humans in real time!

Payments Automation
Payments Automation

Automation frees up administration from having to do simple, repetitive tasks – saving you time and money! For example, our online software supports autopay. For institutions with scheduled or reccurring fees, automated payments are a game-changer.

Customized Reporting
A Useful and Intuitive Software

Our modern interface makes it simple for both staff and parents to easily navigate TUIO. We listen to your feedback and our experienced technical team is always working hard on improvements that advance your TUIO experience.

See why clients love TUIO

Lorelei Poulin

Lorelei Poulin

School Secretary, Westside Montessori Academy

“Communication is amazing; any issues or questions are dealt within a 24h period. I really appreciate that they take our feedback and make updates so we can offer a great, easy to use product to our families.”



Why Choose TUIO?

TUIO combines ease of use, affordability and superior customer
support. We provide an integrated online platform offering tuition management, enrollment management, student information system, fundraising and donation features, and communication.

How are funds processed?

TUIO has a partnership with one of the most established and reputable processors in the payment industry, arranging over $80 billion (USD) in transactions a year across the globe. We set you up with them as your own merchant, meaning that you process your own funds and TUIO never has access to them. In other words, the funds go straight from the parents to you the very same day.

Do you store any personal or financial information?

No, we do not store any financial info – neither yours nor the parents’. Our technology solution follows the industry’s best security protocols and we do not retain sensitive financial information that can be stolen or tampered with.

Ready to see TUIO in action?

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