TUIO centralizes all parent billing and payments in one app and saves thousands of hours to daycare centers, preschools and schools all over North America.

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Parents Portal App.

Each family gets a secured personal dashboard to pay fees by pre-authorized debit, debit cards and credit cards online.

Centralize Your Payments.

All funds are deposited in your organization’s bank account without holds or cumbersome processes.

Reconciliation Made Easy.

Our software issues and closes your invoices automatically in real time to ensure maximum time savings.

Electronic Audit Trail

Reports available for downloads in order to analyze and share your data with collaborators.

Best In Class Security And Compliance.

We are certified PCI-DSS Compliant and follow all best practices when it comes to data security and encryption.

Light Speed Implementation.

We onboard customers in 3 days.

What If Parents Could Make Decisions On Their Own Time?

Trusted by thousands of happy users across Canada!

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