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Why choose TUIO?

TUIO is the top-rated school management system that centralizes all enrollment, waitlisting, billing and payments in one online portal.

  • Receive same business day payouts, rather than in 3-7 days with our competitors.
  • Save 40 hours per month using the TUIO system.
  • TUIO has no hidden fees. Absorb or pass any fees on at your discretion.

Transforming the way you manage your school or daycare

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How TUIO can help you

Tuition Management System

TUIO’s tuition management system software gives your school the ability to accept payments from parents from a portal that’s easy for both sides to use. Using our billing software for schools means you can automate many of the most time-intensive aspects of your tuition management and streamline your processes as much as possible. Our school payment software comes complete with robust encryption to protect families’ personal financial information and ensure secure transactions.

  • Automatically send invoices
  • Unlimited custom programs and payment plans
  • Manage accounts receivable and automate payments
  • Easily report on financials
  • And much more!

See tuition management features

Enrollment Management

With the help of our education system management solutions, keeping track of recruitment, registration, waitlists, and more becomes much easier. Parents can use the portal to enter their students’ enrollment information digitally, automatically creating an online profile for each child. As part of our larger educational management system, this component integrates with our tuition and student information components to give you the easiest way to handle every aspect of managing your student rolls.

  • Create unlimited custom forms
  • Build and manage a digital waitlist
  • Review form submissions
  • Collect fees directly on the form
  • Send custom messages to families
  • And much more!

See enrollment management

Student Information System

The student management system built into our platform gives you and parents a single source of information about a student’s progress from the first day of school all the way through graduation. Our student management software provides you with the most accurate reporting, with as many custom fields as you need to collect and organize all the data points that are most important to you and your larger community.

  • Store student information digitally
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Export student information and generate lists
  • Make internal notes on student profiles
  • And much more!

See student information features

Fundraising and Donations

Fundraising management is one of the most important aspects of an administrator’s job, and with our education management services behind you it becomes a simple matter. With automated donation management, you’ll be able to raise funds faster and easier thanks to better engagement with your community. No matter your legal entity structure, our system adapts to your needs.

  • Set up fundraisers and track donations online
  • Generate custom donation options
  • Donation receipts sent automatically
  • Adaptive to your business status
  • And much more!

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Keeping in touch with families is key to maintaining good relationships and better ensuring students have all the resources they need. Our education management solutions include full-featured communication tools so the lines remain open at all times. With the help of our communication app for schools, parents can remain involved in their children’s education.

  • Send important messages directly to parents
  • Communicate one-on-one or with a group
  • Send donation links and form links
  • Send attachments, videos, images, etc.
  • And much more!

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See why clients love TUIO

Sonia Sommer

Supervisor, Gibraltar Point Day Nursery

“The onboarding process was extremely streamlined, and we were up and running within a week of signing up, with minimal involvement on our end other than providing basic family/customer information.”

Glenn Woods

Executive Director, Montessori Jewish Day School

“The system is intuitive and simple to navigate while being powerful on the backend to support our needs. Our parents have had nothing but good things to say about how much they like the system.”

Régine Epolo

Director, Les Amis du Monde

“I used to have to run to the bank 3-4 times every single month to deposit cheques. That’s completely gone now. In fact, this has been such a success for me, that I have completely stopped accepting cheques.”

Lynda Joanisse

St. Lawrence Academy in Toronto

“My rating for TUIO is 5/5. Before using TUIO we had numerous people collecting tuition and data. Once we moved to TUIO we were able to save money and time.”

Christine Marcus

The Tidewater School

“I am saving so much time now that TUIO has automated the entire process and made my work life 98% better! Look no further – you have found the payment system you were looking for.”

Danielle W

Primary/Secondary Education

“As someone who was new to the world of online payment software, I found it easy to use and the TUIO team was always quick to respond with help if I needed it.”

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