Simple and Effective Student Information System

Our student information system is a simple and effective way to increase efficiencies for your school or childcare organization. From admissions to graduation, TUIO centralizes student data and simplifies information flow.

For years, parents and schools have enjoyed TUIO for making school payments online.  Now, TUIO incorporates a robust, self-service and online, registration and information functionality to improve student experiences. Simple streamlined systems make it easier for institutions to recruit and retain students. For the same price, enjoy a student information system, a tuition management system, and an enrollment management system included with your TUIO subscription.

In one place:

  • parents provide student registration information, make payments, and view school payment history;
  • administrators manage admissions, student profiles, and financials; and
  • students can view their profile and make updates.
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What is a student information system?

A student information system manages the flow of data for schools and childcare organizations. First, students fill out an online registration form using the integrated admission software. The information is used to develop a student profile. The data is essential for the admissions process, school fee payments, and to update and manage changing student context. Having a seamless flow of student information avoids errors and issues that occur while importing information or syncing third-party databases.

How do student information systems work?

An effective student information system allows for self-serve automated enrollment, tracks student admissions, builds student profiles and maintains student information and payment preferences, and tracks financials. An online student information system means there is no manual input. The seamless flow of data removes discrepancies that may occur.

TUIO student information system is...

Simple. We set-up for you and onboarding involves only a 1 hour session. Parents and staff adopt TUIO easily!

Organize and centralize. Information is digitized and data is uniform, increasing accuracy and making reports useful.

Cost effective. By automating administrative tasks, workflow is streamlined and staff are free from answering repetitive, simple questions.

Saves time. As a self-service solution, students can get their administrative tasks done in one place without staff involvement.

User-friendly. Customized online dashboards make it easy for families to make payments and provide information, and for staff to access it.

Who should use a student information system?

  • Multi location childcare organizations
  • K - 12 Schools
  • Daycares
  • Sports organizations
  • Arts and culture organizations
student information system
"The software is so easy to use, and it keeps everything organized and neat. We no longer have to chase parents down for payments."

What features does a good SIS system have?

Integration with payment systems and other school tools.

A good student information system provides school administrators with seamless integration to current school tools. TUIO's sis system integrates with admission processes, payment processes, and accounting. Integration with Quickbooks means you no longer have to spend hours downloading payments to give your accountant.

Safe, secure, and confidential.

Your student information system should be equipped with the security to protect student information and payment information. Across North America, schools are falling victim to cyber attacks by hackers who hold hostage critical data to extract large sums of money. TUIO takes the risk out of gathering information from your students. TUIO sotware ensure that all sensitive student data and payment information is tokenized and encrypted to ensure no unauthorized third-party access.

Accurate data collection from registration to graduation.

The collection of student data should be begin right away. With TUIO, families can apply straight from the website, meaning prospective students are already in your system at admissions time. Each student has their own portfolio in the student information system database, which includes information such as contact information, allergies, payment type and payment history. Family payments can be tracked and logged as paid, pending or overdue.

Self-Serve Student Information

How much does a student information system cost?

The price of a student information system depends on the size of the school or child care organization, with tiered pricing. The cost of your student information system depends on the number of students enrolled throughout your school and programs. Check out our tiered pricing calculator and book a demo with us today to discuss your custom quote.
"I was incredibly happy when TUIO came about. I used to spend so much time answering parents' questions. I am saving so much time now that TUIO has automated the entire process and made my work life 98% better!"
The Tidewater School
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