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Our Easy To Use Student Information System

Administrators love TUIO’s easy to use student information system. From admissions to graduation, good SIS software makes collecting and maintaining student records easy.


Benefits of TUIO’s SIS (student information system)

TUIO’s SIS for schools is the easiest and most cost-effective way for institutions like yours to automate student data management and remain in compliance. Within an hour, your staff and parent community can get the hang of this student database management system to access records and share information.

By integrating with other elements of TUIO’s powerful school management platform, this SIS information system streamlines numerous functions within your office and simplifies many of the most time-consuming processes you have to deal with on a daily basis. Among the many benefits of our student info management system are:

checkSimple. Set-up is done for you, and onboarding only takes 1 hour. Parents and staff adopt TUIO easily!

checkOrganized and accurate, with unlimited custom fields for collecting data. Student information is digitized, making your reporting reliable and searching for specific records easy.

checkConfidential and secure SIS for education with a robust encryption system to safeguard information.

checkCost effective. Automate simple tasks, streamline workflow and free up staff time.

checkStudent fields from filled out forms flow directly to the online student information system, and data can be exported to custom reports or spreadsheets.

Automate your student information

Start using TUIO’s student data management systems to see how you can streamline your registrations & record-keeping, billing & payment, and donation & fundraising needs all in one platform!

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SIS for administrators & families

For years, parents and schools have used TUIO for making school payments online. We listened when they asked for greater functionality. For the same price, TUIO customers now enjoy a robust, self-service and online, registration and student records management system.

Our integrated student information software includes the following:

check Top rated student information system
check Same day payout tuition management system
check Automated enrollment management system

Student database software for all types of organizations

check Multi location childcare organizations

check K – 12 Schools

check Daycares

check Sports organizations

check Arts and culture organization

“I was incredibly happy when TUIO came about. I used to spend so much time answering parents’ questions. I am saving so much time now that TUIO has automated the entire process and made my work life 98% better!”

Christine Marcus

The Tidewater School

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TUIO’s student information system

Safe, secure, and confidential

Across North America, schools without sufficient data protection are falling victim to cyber attacks by hackers who hold hostage critical data. As a leader in secure payment processing, TUIO takes cyber security seriously. We take the risk out of recording and storing students’ personal information online. All sensitive, personal, and payment information is tokenized and encrypted to ensure no unauthorized third-party access.

Integration with payment systems and other school tools

TUIO’s system integrates the admission processes, billings processes, records management, and payment reconciliation. With our reporting tools, you can use student data in real-time for school planning – without Excel! You can also create reports with school payments data for school budgeting. Read our blog about the easy transition to digitize student information to use less paper and clunky spreadsheets.

Accurate data collection from registration to graduation

The collection and centralized record keeping begins with registration. The collection and centralized record keeping begins with registration. With TUIO, families can enroll straight from YOUR website or through email with YOUR custom link. Come admissions time, prospective students’ are already in your system.

Each student has their own profile that is accessible online. This is customized by what information your organization requires families to submit to the student profiles. Examples include: student picture, parent contact information, student allergies & medical issues, school payment preferences and billings history, and more! Then you leave it to the family to update the student profile.

Cost-effective record management

Data is secure, in one place, and flows seamlessly through different stages of the student journey without staff time and without errors. There is no need for manual input or management by administrators. Save time and money inputting data, deciphering parent writing, making simple changes, and finding records, using our self-serve, automated online system. 

The cost of TUIO for your school or child care organization depends on your enrollment number. Check out our tiered pricing calculator and book a demo with us today to discuss your custom quote.


Student information system FAQ

What is a student information management system?

An SIS system for schools provides a single repository for student information online. This means teachers, parents, and administrators can access data concerning grades, schedules, demographics, behavior, and health so they can make the most informed decisions possible.
The most popular student information systems integrate with other software platforms to streamline multiple functions, including tuition management and fundraising.

Is TUIO safe to store information?

Yes it’s safe to store information on TUIO. TUIO is PCI DSS compliant. We use the latest payment security standards, ensuring that any financial information is collected and encrypted directly by the financial institutions responsible for payment processing. By leaving these tasks to highly regulated entities, we make it impossible for any bad actor to tamper with our users’ financial information.

How is family/student data protected?

To keep accounts secure we enforce strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.  All passwords are encrypted and cannot be decrypted. All data sent between the web browser and server is encrypted.

Do you store any financial information?

No, we do not. Refer to the PCI DSS compliant FAQ for more details.