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Frequently Asked Questions about TUIO

Who uses TUIO?

TUIO can be deployed for any context involving parents paying for their child’s activities. Examples of TUIO customers include schools, daycares, camps, tutoring companies, sports clubs, choirs, and other child care organizations across the US and Canada.

How are funds processed?

Funds in TUIO are processed directly by banks. We set you up with them as your own merchant, meaning that you process your own funds and TUIO never has access to them. In other words, the funds go straight from the parents to you the very same day.

Do you store any financial information?

No, we do not store any financial info – neither yours nor the parents’. Our technology solution follows the industry’s best security protocols and we do not retain sensitive financial information that can be stolen or tampered with. Refer to the PCI DSS compliant FAQ for more details.

What payment methods can I offer families?

Automatic withdrawals through bank accounts, also called pre-authorized or direct debit, and credit card payments are available as options.

What programs can I use TUIO for?

TUIO can be used for all activities involving children from schools and daycares to choirs. TUIO simplifies enrollment with self-serve online enrollment. This information creates a student profile that is stored in the student information system.

The student profile is accessible by both parents and administrators. The information can be used to customize invoices. And, parents can login to make recurring payments or one-time payments such as registration fees, field trips, lunches, extended care, etc.

What is the set-up like?

Easy! You will receive a live one-on-one onboarding session with a product specialist for the custom setup of your programs. After a few quick steps your school will be set up and ready to issue its first invoice!

Does your pricing include support?

Our pricing includes full access to an account executive who is available by email or phone during business hours. We also provide email and phone support to your families at no extra charge.

Where can I find information to show my team?

Download our brochure to share with your colleagues!

Is TUIO PCI DSS compliant?

Yes, TUIO is PCI DSS compliant. We use the latest payment security standards, ensuring that any financial information is collected and encrypted directly by the financial institutions responsible for payment processing. By leaving these tasks to highly regulated entities, we make it impossible for any bad actor to tamper with our users’ financial information.

Do you sell any personal information?

TUIO will never resell any of your personal information. See our Privacy Policy for more details. 

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