Simple & affordable child care billing software

TUIO online child care billing software simplifies managing child care payments for daycare owners and child care center administrators. With TUIO, you can focus on the important aspects of running a preschool, daycare, or child care centre. And, we will take care of administrative tasks and payments.
Our comprehensive daycare billing solution automates recurring payments, sends child care invoices and receipts to parents, manages registration, retains student data, and creates custom easy to read reports. For the same tiered pricing, our system includes enrollment management and a student information system.
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Getting Paid On Time is Not an Issue with TUIO

Most families spend 10% to 15% a year on childcare. Billing for daycare generally occurs on a weekly or monthly basis. This frequency means you're tasked with collecting payments and dealing with parents for financials far too often. You also have to manage the negative effects that late payments have on your business. You are not alone! Across North America, daycare owners and administrators claim the hardest part of their job is handling routine payments.

TUIO streamlines billing, collections, and managing financials with our online child care billing software. TUIO customers receive payment the same day parents make the payments and it's processed by the banks! Additionally, the flow of data is seamless and accurate. Enrollment is self-serve and the information is stored in a uniform way in the student information system.

Child care billing software
"Parents having more control is the biggest game changer for me. They input in their own banking information, and everything is securely stored away. Everything gets deposited to me directly into our bank account."
St Peter’s Montessori

Why Daycares Prefer TUIO for their Child Care Billing

With custom settings, you can charge families different rates based on their specific context. For example, child care tuition payments can be automatically split between separated parents. Invoices can be automatically discounted for families with government assistance. And, child care tax receipts can be automatically sent out at year end! Check out a sample invoice and receipt from TUIO.

Why Parents Prefer TUIO for Child Care Payments

By logging into their TUIO account, parents can access their personalized dashboard to view and manage payments. They can provide registration information through the enrollment management system. Once admitted, they can input their credit or debit information, set up autopay or reminders, and view transaction history. It’s super convenient for families and you never miss a payment!


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Child care billing software for the not so tech-savvy

Are the demands of payments and reporting taking too much of your time? Are you afraid you're not tech-savvy enough for automation? Or, pushback from parents? TUIO was developed with these questions in mind.

TUIO pricing includes a dedicated TUIO rep to customize payment plans and automate recurring payments for each parent, even separated ones! TUIO reps will follow up with parents whose payments fail so you don't have to. Not only are failed payments resolved on your behalf - we waive all NSF fees and guarantee receipt of payment the same day parents make the payment.

Once customized, onboarding and learning the tool only involves a one hour live session. After you are up and running, you have full access to a TUIO rep - yes, a real person. The price includes assistance for your families too. With information about their child care payments online and access to a TUIO rep, you won't be getting many financial questions from parents anymore!

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"TUIO is simple and easy to use. Everything is very straight forward, even for those who may not be tech savvy."
Valley of the Sacred Heart Academy