Child Care Billing Software

Child care billing software by TUIO takes care of the billing & payments, letting you focus on the important aspects of running a preschool, daycare, or child care centre.

Automate administrative tasks

Our comprehensive child care billing software automates recurring payments, sends child care invoices and receipts to parents, manages registration, retains student data, and creates custom easy-to-read reports. 

We know that child care billing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That means we have included the following additional features in the price of your child care administration software:

Why parents love TUIO

No mistakes

Parents enter information about their child and payment options in the online system.

No late payments

Parents have funds automatically withdrawn and receive scheduled payment reminders. Parents can contact TUIO support anytime they have payment issues.

Save time

Parents can view their invoices and payment history without contacting administration.

Easy payment options

Parents can select to pay with credit card, debit card, or even pay with an international card.

Why is TUIO the preferred child care billing software?

See below for a snapshot of why both child care owners and parents love TUIO!

With TUIO, child care facility owners and administrators can easily set-up program options, send invoices, create payment plans, manage accounts receivable, automate collections, and report on transactions through a user-friendly interface. We’ve designed our child care center software to be easy to setup and start using as soon as possible. With its intuitive interface and wide range of functions, your staff can get up to speed with it in very little time. In most cases, employees can complete the onboarding process in about one hour. Our online system also reconciles payments in real-time to provide you with accurate financial snapshots.

With the advanced automation features included in our child care software programs, handling recurring payments becomes much simpler.  Rather than having your staff spend time tracking down families every time tuition payment is due, our software for child care centers automatically sends out reminders and directs families to the online portal. This frees your team to focus more of their attention on answering parents’ questions and strengthening the relationship your business has with them.

With custom settings, you can charge families different rates based on their specific context. For example, child care tuition payments can be automatically split between separated parents. Invoices can be automatically discounted for families with government assistance. And, child care tax receipts can be automatically sent out at year end! Check out a sample invoice and receipt from TUIO. Our user-friendly, comprehensive solution for tuition management simplifies your processes with the help of automation and versatile integrations. Parents can choose to set up autopay to handle their payments automatically or choose to be reminded via email when tuition is due.

Parents access TUIO online through a parent portal. They will then have access to a custom dashboard where they can view their child's program enrollment, access outstanding and future invoices, update payment preferences, pay fees, automate payments, view payment history, and access receipts. Parents can feel confident knowing that our child care management software comes equipped with robust security protections to keep their financial data safe during the payment process. Using our child care enrollment software, parents can even set-up their child's student profile and update information before and after admissions. Through the TUIO software, parents can receive messages from administrators about any necessary updates. TUIO is super convenient for families. Never miss a payment or a message ever again!


TUIO child care software includes

checkDirect support from an actual person! Available to both you and your families at no extra charge.

checkCustom set up of your TUIO system.

checkA streamlined one-hour onboarding process.

checkAutomation of reccurring payments.

checkRobust encryption system to secure payments and safeguard information.

checkDownloadable reports that are unique to your school.

checkConfidential and secure record-keeping software (SIS).

checkResolving failed parent payments on your behalf.

checkFunds sent to you the same day parents make a payment.

checkRegistration and enrollment management software.

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Case Study

North Bridge Child Development had been struggling to keep track of parent payments. They had to use post-it-notes, log all the payments manually, and take a myriad of payment options to the bank every week. They also had a lot of overdue and missed payments.

They made the switch to TUIO, and late payments have become a thing of the past. Parents enjoy setting up cards or bank accounts in their dedicated portal, and the school administrator enjoys not having to attend high frequency meetings with ownership to discuss the payment situation. One view of the account dashboard and they have peace of mind!


TUIO makes going online easy

Collecting payments and record-keeping takes a lot of time and effort! Our web-based billing software makes it easy to manage all administrative tasks in one secure location. TUIO guarantees data privacy while still being easily accessible from any device. Check out a TUIO sample invoice and receipt.

Superb customer support

Onboarding with our child care administrative software only involves a one-hour live session. After you are up and running, you have full access to a TUIO rep – yes, a real person. The price includes assistance for your families too. With access to an online dashboard and support from a TUIO rep, you won’t be getting financial questions from parents anymore!

Our representatives can do more than answer all your questions regarding our child care management system. They also have the knowledge and expertise to field financial questions from the parents you serve. Working with us means you can take some of the burden off your staff members’ shoulders and trust our experts to handle these often-complex inquiries. This is essential for improving the customer service you provide and building trust within your community of families.


Start automating

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