School Parent Communication App

Keep everyone connected and involved in real time using TUIO’s Conversations feature – an effective school parent communication app.

school parent communication software

Handle your comms with TUIO

TUIO’s school parent communication app is a great way to engage with families in real-time. TUIO Conversations helps staff easily communicate with parents and each other all in the same place.

With countless user-friendly features and well-thought-out design, TUIO is easy to use and customize. TUIO Conversations ensures that the information you provide to parents gets heard loud and clear!

Parents will receive instant email notices that there is a new conversation in the system, so nothing will go unseen. Engage parents within the same app they use for viewing invoices, making payments, reviewing registration forms, etc. When parent users view the message, the app will show the message as ‘Read’ and the up-to-date time. 

With TUIO Conversations you can.

check Send real-time messages to parents about upcoming events
check Share important assignments or newsletters with families (including attachments)
check Keep your community in the loop about fundraisers (that can be run through our fundraising feature!)
check Provide emergency alerts, and more!

Parents can also use the app and streamline communication by sending messages to administration through TUIO’s parent dashboard. As easy as 1-2-3!

Why schools & parents love TUIO

Keeping everyone in loop

With Conversations, easily tell parents about a new field trip or program – you can include files such as a PDF pamphlet or brochure, and provide a link to the specific TUIO form

Better relationships

Streamlining communications with families builds better relationships. Using TUIO enhances the experience of current and prospective students.

Save time

Keeping administrative tasks all in one central place – the parent communication app – frees up staff time.

A user-friendly, all-in-one online communication feature

TUIO provides K-12 schools an online solution that meets a broad set of administrative needs. See below for a snapshot of how the other features included in TUIO.

Tuition Management System

Easily send invoices and create payment plans
Manage accounts receivable and automate collections
Issue tax receipts
Report on financials

See tuition management features

Enrollment Management

Create custom enrollment forms and
digital waitlists
Generate digital registration links and allow
self-serve registration
Set up automatic enrollment
Collect admissions fees and deposits digitally

See enrollment management features

Student Information System

Store student information digitally
Collect custom, accurate data for
student profiles
Export student information and generate lists

See student information features

Fundraising and Donations

Set up fundraisers and track donations online
Generate custom donation options
Donation receipts sent automatically

See donation features


Send important messages directly to parents
Communicate with classes or program groups
Send donation and registration links,
attachments, and more!

See communication features

parent engagement with school app

Simplify parent engagement

TUIO’s Conversations feature will help you simplify parent engagement with quick, direct messaging. Connect with parents when they’re on-the-go or at their desktop. Having the school parent communication app feature within TUIO’s school management system will reduce the number of softwares used by parents and staff alike.

With the number of emails we receive daily, it’s easy for some to get missed, even if they are important! By keeping school stuff in one place, the school communication app, you ensure that important updates are seen by parents, not buried in their inboxes.

Customize communications

TUIO Conversations feature is simple to set up and to customize.  Once you’ve drafted the message, you’ll be able to add participants in bulk, include individual parents, parents from only one program or all of the parents from your organization. In addition to this, you can upload files as attachments to the messages being sent to parents. Once the message is sent, you can view who actually read it!

“Another time saving aspect is I do not have to get together for high frequency meetings to brief the other stakeholders of the center. It has eliminated a lot of work the ownership had to maintain using the previous system.”

Amanda Lanahan

North Bridge Child Development

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No limits to your comms

The type of information you can send through TUIO Conversations is limitless! KM School for example has used TUIO to send organization-wide parent newsletters, important school info, invites to parent events, links to registration forms, and parent engagement has been excellent. 

Messages can be sent to multiple groups of people, allowing them to receive information as soon as it’s available, without having to worry about missing an email or waiting for an update from teachers. On the same platform, enjoy all of TUIO’s other features.

“I’ve worked in education myentire career and with online schools for 15 years. Compared with other providers, TUIO is new and easy to use!”

Kelly Van Sande

Ignite Learning Academy

Emergency alerts

By using the TUIO school parent communication app you’re ready for an emergency. You can quickly share emergency information with your families. It’s crucial to have alert systems in place in the event of an emergency. Quick and easy communication makes schools safer for both students and staff. This feature was highly requested by parents, and we were happy to implement it to ensure everyone feels safe on school grounds.

“TUIO is working exceptionally well for us and we are so thankful that we signed up with them. Initially, we were nervous about moving our information from our old system to TUIO, but with the help of TUIO Support it was a simple process.”

Stephanie Tomazos

Odyssey Montessori School


Start automating

Start using TUIO to see how you can streamline your communications, school payments, enrollment, waitlisting, record-keeping, and fundraising needs all in one platform!