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Why choose us?

TUIO is the top rated tuition management system.


Centralize enrollment, waitlists, and payments in one online system.


Reach enrollment goals faster.


Reduce time spent on billings by 90%. Save 40 hours per month!


Join 40,000 happy users from schools and daycares across North America.

Save time and money with the all-in-one school management system.


Manage enrollment, waitlists, billing, payments, and student information on one platform. And, receive funds the same day payments are made – only with TUIO.

How TUIO can help you

Payments & Billing

Make deposits and tuition payment plan arrangements. Payments you receive are sent to you the same day.

Registration & Enrollment

Digitized registration and enrollment, send the link to parents to fill out or place a link on your website.

Waitlist & Records

Keep a record of waitlisted families, inform them of availabilities, and invite them to set up payments and deposits.

Student Information System

Keep a customizable and detailed profile of every student.

No More Paper

Say goodbye to the paper stacks. Automatic PDF documents for easy tracking and organization.

Completely Secure

We never store sensitive bank or card information on our servers and data is encrypted.

Hear what our users have to say!

Sonia Sommer

Supervisor, Gibraltar Point Day Nursery

“The onboarding process was extremely streamlined, and we were up and running within a week of signing up, with minimal involvement on our end other than providing basic family/customer information.”

Glenn Woods

Executive Director, Montessori Jewish Day School

“The system is intuitive and simple to navigate while being powerful on the backend to support our needs. Our parents have had nothing but good things to say about how much they like the system.”

Régine Epolo

Director, Les Amis du Monde

“I used to have to run to the bank 3-4 times every single month to deposit cheques. That’s completely gone now. In fact, this has been such a success for me, that I have completely stopped accepting cheques.”