TADS Tuition Management vs. TUIO

We get lots of questions on how TUIO stacks up
against TADS Tuition Management. In response,
we used feedback and testimonials from current
and past TADS clients to develop this article.

The TLDR of TADS Tuition

As a subsidiary of Community Brands, they provide cloud-based software to child care organizations. Organizations adopt the software to manage memberships, career centers, learning, accounting, mobile giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, donations, admissions, enrollment processes, and event management. A unique feature of this solution is that it allows families to apply for educational financial aid across the United States.

TUIO’s affordable and easy-to-use solution focuses on school management. Simplifying and automating administrative tasks for your school. TUIO includes tuition management, enrollment management, a student information system, and a fundraising platform at no extra cost. That’s why organizations across North America are choosing TUIO!


  • Built-in help text and how-to tools
  • Lack of customer support
  • MyTADS Financial Aid features
  • Lots of features but at a price
  • Non-intuitive dashboard
  • Receive funds in batches in 3 – 10 days


  • Fantastic live customer service
  • Easy onboarding and intuitive dashboard
  • No financial aid feature
  • Receive funds sent to you the same business day
  • Custom reporting

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TADS Customer Support

Many school administrators need reliable customer support, especially when first adopting the software. Despite often having the right features, the major downside is the difficulty introducing the software to your staff and families, coupled with the lack of customer support.

Although they may have less in-person support, their system includes built-in help text and how-to tools. Consider what type of support best fits your needs. How the software is implemented and managed may make the difference between a system that everyone loves and one that you waste your time navigating complaints about.


TUIO Customer Service

Great customer service is the bedrock of TUIO. WIth proper investment in training and hiring support personnel, our customer service team is easily accessible. Our personalized support has been recognized by schools and childcare organizations as a big reason they moved over to TUIO from TADS (even if they keep the MyTADS FinancialAid Portal!)

Not only do we equip our customer service agents with the tools to deliver the best possible solutions – we engage with customer issues to improve our product. Recently, this meant developing new features. Read the story about why TUIO developed an all-in-one school management solution as a response to customer requests.

See why schools love TUIO

Former TADS client

Feedback to TUIO

“They didn’t respond right away and when I tried to implement their instructions it didn’t fix my problem. I was back on hold with the same problem.”

Lili E.

Capterra Reviewer

“I use the agreement and billing section more than the admission. I also work with the Financial Aid part. I find it very easy to use.. However, not sure if parents have an easy time. I get many calls from parents”

Rasha E.

Capterra Reviewer

“TADS really helps streamline the entire financial aid process. In the tuitions and billings module, I wish I had flexibility in building reports, like one that showed me the full year of pending payments”

MyTADS Financial Aid

The new Financial Aid portal is geared towards making applying for education funding easier for families. The Financial Aid portal is recognized as the best part about their software. Families can receive estimations for funding and send out applications from the portal. Like any software sometime there are bugs, but for the most part this feature works well for users.

TUIO personalized support has been recognized by schools and childcare organizations as a big reason why they moved over to TUIO from TADS (even if they keep the MyTADS FinancialAid Portal!)

“When trying to set up my registration forms I needed TADS customer service to implement the options I wanted. Frustrating – took much longer than expected.”

Former Tads Client


TADS holds parent payments

TADS provides a convenient way for parents to make payments on-demand. Unfortunately, schools don’t get to enjoy such conveniences without compromise. This is because they hold your funds. This means you could be waiting days to receive funds after parents make a payment. Why? Because your school or organization will receive funds in batches.

With TUIO, receive same business day payouts, rather than in 7 days as a bulk payment. Get paid directly after the parent makes the payment!

“It is good to work with a company that responds to my needs so closely. I would definitely recommend TUIO to other schools that are looking for a pain-free way to automate administrative tasks and school payments.”

Virginia Ramirez

Principal, Northstar Montessori Private School

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