TADS Tuition is a provider of cloud-based software for schools, associations, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations. TADS Tuition (Aka TADS) is one of the subsidiaries operated by Community Brands. Organizations adopt Community Brands software to manage memberships, career centres, learning, accounting, mobile giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, donations, admissions, enrolments and events.

Using TADS these organizations can access the school management software experience across admissions, enrolment, financial aid and tuition management. Their solution provides applications for families to apply for educational financial aid across the United States.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of TADS Tuition

In this article, we focus on the key pain points administrators are trying to solve by using school management software. We summarize the advantages and disadvantages that come with adopting TADS Tuition for your school. Read below to get an in-depth look on each item to help you determine whether this tuition management and enrolment software is for you.

The Pros

  • Financial Aid Applications

    Government financial aid estimations and applications in one place.

  • On-Demand Features

    TADS pricing is based on the features in use. So, you can use other systems & keep their FinancialAid.

  • Tuition & Billing Management

    Student's tuition and billing is managed within the platform.

The Cons

  • Customer Support

    Reported wait times are longer than others and you may be transferred to another rep for your question.

  • Challenges Adopting & Using

    Parents have difficulty using the system and administrators can't customize forms & reports. Limited customer service makes this issue worse.

  • Hold Your Payments

    Funds are transferred to schools and childcare organizations in batches and not upon receipt.

TADS Tuition Review Summary VS TUIO

Overall TADS Tuition has some really great features (Like the financial aid applications) but we feel like the overall success of using it is low. Many school administrators need reliable customer support to call, or help when first adopting the software. No matter how many features there are, if your school's employees can't use it then it's not helpful.

This is where we at TUIO take a stand. Our customer service team is there to onboard administrators, and help them whenever an issue is encountered. Our customer service team actually is the reason why we have this article that you're reading now! We've received a lot of questions on how TUIO stacks up against other brands. 

So, in order to better serve those looking for school management system we put together this review based on customer stories and feedback as well as one about FACTS tuition management.

Customer Service Challenges

Despite often having the right features, the major downside is the difficulty adopting the software and the lack of customer support. If your team can’t figure out how to use the software, then whether there are amazing features or not becomes a moot point.

Everyone has moments where they get caught off guard by customers who ask difficult questions. It can happen. At TUIO we invest with proper training of customer support personnel because we believe customer success matters. Good customer service is core to TUIO and explains why we've grown so quickly. Our personalized support has been recognized by schools and childcare organizations as a big reason they're  moving their enrolment and tuition management solutions over to TUIO (even if they keep the FinancialAid Portal!) 

All of the quotes below are provided by verified customers providing feedback on Capterra, including both admissions & enrolment reviews and tuition management reviews.

“They didn’t respond right away and when I tried to implement their instructions it didn’t fix my problem. I was back on hold with the same problem.”
Former tads customer
“When trying to set up my registration forms I needed TADS customer service to implement the options I wanted. Frustrating - took much longer than expected.”
Former TADS customer
"They split re-enrollment and the tuition agreement. This should be ONE process. Even though we are streamlined it is not always easy or apparent for families when completing and we end up with lots of calls and questions."
Thomas F., School CFO
"They must have fired all but three customer service reps as it's been average 35 min wait times for over two years."

Not only do we equip our customer service agents with the tools to deliver the best possible solutions - we engage with customer issues to gather data to help improve our product to better meet customer needs. For example, we understand your time is precious so we give you the tools to do everything yourself and have TUIO support ready for more pressing issues.

Recently, this meant developing new features. Read the story about why TUIO developed an all-in-one student management system to complement our tuition management system and as a response to customer support issues.

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MyTADS Financial Aid as the most Valuable Feature

School and Student Services (SSS) provides a comprehensive need-based financial aid solution for schools to collect the data they need to provide families with appropriate and necessary funds. The new Financial Aid portal through MyTADS is geared towards making the application process for education funding easier for families. It was developed in connection with the enrollment process management features.

The Financial Aid portal is recognized as the best part about their software. Families can receive estimations for funding and send out all applications in one place. Like any software sometime there are bugs, but for the most part this feature works well for users. It’s the other features in the ‘full enrollment experience’ that we’ve heard parents and administrators complain about.

"I use the agreement and billing section more then the admission. I also work with the Financial Aid part. I find it very easy to use.. However, not sure if parents have an easy time. I get many calls from parents”
Lili E.
“We love TADS and it really helps streamline the entire financial aid process. In the tuitions and billings module, I wish I had flexibility in building reports, like one that showed me the full year of pending payments"
Rasha E.

Difficulty adopting TADS Tuition and School Management

Although TADS claims to have built-in help text and how-to tools, according to users, the instructions could be more clear. The difficulty in adopting the technology to your organization may make the difference between a system both you will love and one that you navigate complaints about.

We, at TUIO, understand that today's school administrators are crazy busy. You're investing in the latest tools and technology to streamline transactions and lessen unnecessary administrative tasks that could be automated. Equally important is not replacing the time on administrative tasks with time leaning a new system and troubleshooting software issues

TADS holds your funds after parent payments

TADS provides a convenient way for parents to make payments and on-demand accounts records for both parents and administrators. But apparently you don’t get to enjoy such conveniences without compromise. TADS holds your funds, which means you could be waiting days to receive funds after parents make a payment. Your school or organization will receive funds in batches.

TUIO does not keep your funds. With TUIO, you will receive the entire payment within 24 hours of parents making the payment.