Top 10 Fundraising Platforms for Schools

Here are the top 10 school fundraising platforms that can help schools raise funds effectively.

The Best School Fundraising Platforms

And let’s face it. Fundraising can be tough.

You’re juggling multiple tasks, trying to engage donors and maximize donations all while keeping your school’s needs in mind.

It’s not an easy task!

The good news? With the right platform from our list of top 10 fundraising platforms for schools, you don’t have to do this alone.

The Role of Online Fundraising Platforms in School’s Fundraising Efforts

Online fundraising platforms have revolutionized the way schools approach their fundraising efforts. They have turned what was once a daunting task into an efficient and streamlined process.

So, how do these platforms actually aid your school’s fundraising goals? Let’s delve deeper to understand better.

User-Friendly Donation Process

To start with, online fundraising platforms simplify the donation process for potential donors. A user-friendly setup allows potential contributors to go through the platform without any difficulty or confusion, enabling them to make their contributions effortlessly. This ease-of-use encourages more people to donate, thereby driving up your overall collection numbers significantly.

In addition, many of these digital tools automate tasks that were previously manual – such as sending out thank you notes or tax receipts upon receiving funds from donors. Automation not only saves valuable time but also ensures consistency across all donor communications – leaving no room for errors or miscommunication.

Reporting and Analysis Capabilities

Moving on from simplifying transactions; reporting capabilities are another standout feature offered by online fundraising software like TUIO.

These features provide detailed insights about who is donating and when they are most likely contributing, along with other crucial data points that can help guide future strategies aimed at raising funds effectively.

Learn more about TUIO here.

Key Features to Look for in a Fundraising Platform

The right fundraising platform can be the game-changer your school needs. It’s not just about collecting donations, but also understanding donor behavior and delivering personalized content.

User-Friendly Donation Process

To drive more donations, you need an online fundraising tool that provides a seamless experience for potential donors. Confusing or complicated processes may deter them from completing their donation. Therefore, it is essential to choose a platform with user-friendly features guiding users through each step of the donation process effortlessly.

Reporting and Analysis Capabilities

A successful digital fundraising campaign relies heavily on data analysis capabilities provided by your chosen software solution. These tools allow schools to gather valuable insights into donor behaviors, which are critical when planning future campaigns. TUIO, one such comprehensive solution, helps analyze these metrics effectively, making informed decisions easier than ever before.

Personalized Content Delivery

In today’s fast-paced world where everyone seeks personalization, tailoring messages based on predefined segments within your user base enhances engagement rates among potential donors significantly. Delivering targeted communication at opportune moments via preferred channels increases chances of receiving funds substantially, thus helping achieve those all-important school’s fundraising goals efficiently while offering an enhanced donor experience as well.


Top 10 Fundraising Platforms for Schools: A Review

Discover the top 10 fundraising platforms for schools. Enhance your fundraising efforts, maximize donations, and engage donors effectively.


Comprehensive School Fundraising Solution.

TUIO provides an all-in-one fundraising solution, simplifying the collection and management of donations for schools. It’s customizable and user-friendly, fitting various fundraising needs.


  • Efficiency in Setup & Management: TUIO’s system is user-friendly, enabling quick setup and tracking of donations.
  • Unlimited Organization from One Link: It offers one link to manage unlimited donation options, keeping everything neatly organized.
  • Instant Notifications: Receive alerts instantly when a donation has been made, ensuring real-time updates.
  • Parent Portal for Self-Service Donations: Parents can effortlessly self-serve donations through their dedicated portal.
  • Easy Embedding and Sharing: You can easily embed the donation link on your website and share it via email or TUIO’s conversation system, expanding the reach to community and alumni.
  • Automated Donation Receipts: Donation receipts are automatically sent to donors, enhancing transparency and convenience.
  • Flexibility for Digital and In-Person Fundraising: TUIO offers the versatility to run a digital fundraiser or have devices for in-person instant online donations.
  • Special Distinction for Charitable Donations: Charitable donations are clearly marked, ensuring clarity and compliance.


  • Price: As a robust all-in-one software, it may be more expensive than simpler solutions.

#2 99Pledges

Engaging Fundraisers Through A-Thons.

99Pledges makes fundraising simple and fun with its a-thon-focused platform. From walk-a-thons to dance-a-thons, it engages the community while keeping costs low.


  • No Platform or Startup Fees: Only credit card transaction fees apply.
  • Community Engagement: Promotes student and parent involvement.


  • Specialized Focus: Primarily suited for a-thon type fundraisers.
  • Limited Customization: May not offer extensive customization options.
99 pledges logo

#3 DonorsChoose

Teacher-Led Classroom Supplies Fundraising.

This platform empowers teachers to raise funds for specific classroom needs, fostering direct community support.


  • Teacher-Centric: Puts control in the hands of teachers.
  • Free to Use: No costs for teachers.


  • Limited Scope: Mainly for classroom supplies.
  • Lacks School-Wide Integration: May not integrate with broader school fundraising efforts.
donors choose logo

#4 EdCo

Extra-Curricular Program Support.

EdCo helps fund extracurricular programs, from theater to sports, making it ideal for filling funding gaps.


  • Broad Application: Can be used for various extracurricular activities.
  • Community Involvement: Engages parents, teachers, and students.


  • Platform Fee: Charges a 4.9% fee in addition to credit card fees.
  • Specific Focus: Not suitable for general school fundraising.
edco logo

#5 Funds2Orgs

Innovative Shoe Drive Fundraisers.

Funds2Orgs offers a unique way to fundraise through shoe drives, benefiting both schools and low-income entrepreneurs.


  • Alternative to Monetary Donations: Can complement other fundraising efforts.
  • Community Impact: Helps individuals in low-income communities.


  • Requires Coordination: May need more planning and coordination.
  • Niche Approach: May not appeal to all supporters.
funds2orgs logo

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#6 Bonfire

Product-Based Fundraising with Custom T-Shirts.

Bonfire enables schools to sell custom t-shirts as part of their fundraising, offering tangible rewards for supporters.


  • Brand Awareness: Creates visibility for the school and cause.
  • Unique Product: Offers something tangible for donations.


  • Fees: 8% processing fee, though reduced for nonprofits.
  • Limited to Products: May not suit all types of fundraising.
bonfire logo

#7 GoodUnited

Social Media Driven Fundraising Platforms for Schools.

GoodUnited helps schools leverage Facebook for fundraising and donor engagement, making use of a platform many parents are already on.


  • Wide Reach: Utilizes a popular social media platform.
  • Diverse Functionality: Offers different fundraising options.


  • Platform Dependency: Reliant on Facebook.
  • Potential Privacy Concerns: Some users may have reservations about using social media for fundraising.
goodunited logo

#8 OneCause

Auction-Centric Fundraising.

Ideal for schools that focus on auctions, OneCause offers tools to streamline planning and execution.


  • Comprehensive Auction Tools: Includes everything from ticketing to mobile bidding.
  • Enhanced Participant Experience: Makes it easy for supporters to participate.


  • Specialized: Mainly for auction-based fundraising.
  • Learning Curve: May require training to utilize all functionalities.
onecause logo

#9 ShopRaise

Everyday Shopping as Fundraising.

ShopRaise lets supporters contribute to schools through their normal shopping, at no extra cost.


  • No Additional Costs: Easy way to augment fundraising.
  • Simple to Use: User-friendly app.


  • Limited Engagement: May not deeply engage supporters.
  • Dependent on Shopping Habits: Reliant on regular shopping through the app.
ShopRaise logo

#10 Double the Donation

Maximizing Corporate Matching Gifts.

This fundraising platforms for schools helps identify and leverage corporate matching gift opportunities, potentially doubling donations.


  • Increased Donations: Utilizes corporate matching programs.
  • Automated Process: Streamlines identification and requests.


  • Investment Required: May require an initial investment in the software.
  • Targeted Audience: Only applicable to match-eligible donors.
Double the Donation logo

These 10 platforms cater to various needs and contexts, from traditional fundraising efforts to innovative and targeted approaches. Consideration of the unique requirements and community of each school will guide the optimal choice of platforms.

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Understanding Fees Associated with Online Fundraising Platforms for Schools

The digital fundraising landscape is riddled with various costs that schools need to navigate. Most online fundraising platforms have fees that can significantly affect a school’s fundraising objectives, the most typical being transaction costs and platform charges.

Transaction Fees

A standard feature in the online donation process across most platforms involves charging a fee for each financial transaction made through their system – aptly named ‘transaction fees’.

The amount taken for each transaction is usually based on a proportion of the total contribution, with costs generally between 1-5%.

While these percentages might seem negligible at first glance, they quickly accumulate when dealing with large donations or high volumes of transactions.

Platform Fees

Beyond just transaction charges, many online fundraising platforms also levy what’s known as ‘platform fees’. This could either be charged as a flat monthly rate or determined by the volume of funds raised via their service. Some even offer tiered pricing structures tailored to suit different needs and budgets within educational institutions.

Familiarizing yourself with these potential expenses is crucial while selecting an ideal peer-to-peer fundraising tool for your institution. Even though such costs exist, it doesn’t overshadow the value-added features offered by comprehensive solutions like TUIO – user-friendly interface design coupled with robust reporting capabilities and advanced donor management systems, among others – making them worth considering despite any associated costs involved.

Key Takeaway

Planning out one’s digital strategy should always involve factoring in all possible expenditures related to using online tools. But remember that investing wisely now will yield long-term dividends towards reaching your school’s ambitious fundraising goals more efficiently while offering donors an enhanced experience throughout their journey.


FAQs in Relation to Top 10 Fundraising Platforms for Schools

Why is fundraising important for schools?

Fundraising provides essential financial support to enhance educational resources, fund extracurricular activities, and facilitate school improvements.

What fundraising site doesn’t charge?

Most platforms have fees. However, some like Facebook Fundraisers don’t charge platform fees, but transaction costs may still apply.

What should I look for in a fundraising platform?

A good platform has user-friendly donation forms, robust reporting capabilities, and tools for personalized content delivery to maximize donations.

Thank you!

Understanding the role of online fundraising platforms in school’s fundraising efforts is vital. They streamline donation processes, provide detailed reporting and analysis, and automate many tasks.

A good platform should have user-friendly donation forms, robust reporting capabilities, and tools for personalized content delivery. The donor experience must be seamless to drive donations.

TUIO stands out among these top 10 fundraising platforms for schools with its unique features catering specifically to schools’ needs like an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive donor management system.

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