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With after school management software, after-school programs can streamline organization, management, and operations, all in one centralized location

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TUIO handles all your after school management software needs

Experience more than just simplified online payments with TUIO’s After School Management Software. Our platform consolidates all administrative tasks, from initial waitlists to student graduation, into one integrated dashboard. And the best part? Our tuition, enrollment, and student information systems are bundled together without extra charges. If you’re taking your first steps into the world of school-related software, don’t miss our beginner’s guide to understanding online tuition management

The Benefits of TUIO After School Management Software

checkAll-in-One Dashboard: Manage invoices, class rosters, and staff assignments from one centralized hub.

checkAutomated Recurring Tasks: Free up your time for program development and student engagement with built-in automation features.

checkMultiple Payment Options: Bank transfers, credit or debit cards—you choose.

checkRich Profile Information: Detailed profiles include authorized pickups, dietary restrictions, medical history, and even teacher notes.

checkDedicated Parent Portal: One-stop-shop for all parental needs including invoices and academic tracking.

checkCustomizable Notifications: Parents can choose types of updates and their preferred medium of communication.

checkEmergency Alerts: Quick channels for urgent communications ensure immediate action.

checkComprehensive Compliance Tools: Navigate regulatory requirements with ease, from staff-to-child ratios to attendance and health records.

checkCustomizable Payment Schedules: Align payment cycles with your financial commitments.

check Secure Transactions: Encryption ensures that your financial data stays safe.

An intuitive, integrated platform for schools and parents to manage after school activities seamlessly.

See below for a snapshot of how the tuition management system feature of TUIO’s after school management software works for administrators and parents.

With TUIO, school administrators can easily send invoices, create payment options, manage accounts receivable, automate the collections, and report on transactions through a user-friendly interface. Our online system reconciles payments in real-time to provide schools with accurate financial snapshots.

Parents access TUIO online through a parent portal. They will then have access to a custom dashboard where they can view outstanding and future invoices, update payment preferences, pay fees, automate payments, view payment history, and access receipts. Using our enrollment feature, parents can even set-up their child's student profile and update information after admissions.


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Functionality for Administrators

Using TUIO’s user-friendly platform, school administrators can effortlessly issue invoices, set up various payment methods, oversee accounts receivable, automate collections, and generate financial reports. Our real-time payment reconciliation feature provides schools with up-to-date financial overviews.

“TUIO has saved me a ton of time. I love that I am able to mass assign the children to different programs and to be able to create different payment plans within each program. It’s easy to customize a payment plan specific to a parents needs if necessary.”

Kelly Van Sande

Principal, Northstar Montessori Private School

tuio in dashboard desktop laptop
TUIO tuition management automated payment dashboard

Save time with automation

Parents can log into TUIO via a dedicated parent portal. From here, they can manage all aspects of their financial interactions with the school: reviewing pending and upcoming invoices, modifying payment settings, settling fees, scheduling automatic payments, and tracking their payment history. Additionally, our enrollment feature allows parents to create and update their child’s student profile even after the admission process is complete.

Simplified Program Management

Running an after school program involves juggling a myriad of responsibilities that extend far beyond merely overseeing children and staff. You’re tasked with generating invoices, tracking attendance, managing finances, scheduling events, and maintaining communication lines with parents and guardians, among other administrative duties. These tasks are not only time-consuming but also leave room for human error when handled manually. 

TUIO’s comprehensive program management tools are designed with the needs of busy program managers in mind. The platform’s all-in-one dashboard offers a centralized hub where you can seamlessly manage every aspect of your program. Whether you need to generate invoices for multiple families, update class rosters, or assign staff to specific tasks, TUIO’s intuitive interface makes it all possible with just a few clicks. Additionally, TUIO’s automation features save you valuable time by handling recurring tasks, allowing you to allocate more resources toward program development and student engagement.

After School Management Software 
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Robust Compliance Features

Navigating the labyrinth of local, state, and federal regulations that govern after school programs is no small feat. Non-compliance isn’t just a legal risk—it can also erode the trust that parents have in your program and potentially jeopardize your operation’s future. Failing to maintain accurate records, such as staff qualifications, student-to-teacher ratios, attendance records, or health and immunization reports, can result in severe penalties, including hefty fines and even the closure of your program. 

When it comes to compliance, TUIO goes the extra mile. The software provides a sophisticated suite of compliance management tools designed to ensure that your after school program adheres to all regulatory requirements without breaking a sweat. TUIO simplifies the daunting task of data management by offering easy-to-use interfaces for maintaining staff-to-child ratios, attendance records, and essential health documents like allergies.

Comprehensive Student and Family Profiles

The modern after school program is much more than a holding place until parents can pick up their children; it’s a dynamic environment where kids learn, play, and interact under the watchful eyes of caregivers. For this holistic development and safeguarding, having quick, easy, and reliable access to detailed student and family information isn’t just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Imagine a scenario where a child has a severe allergic reaction, or there’s an emergency requiring immediate contact with guardians. In such times, minutes, or even seconds, can be crucial. 

TUIO takes the utility of student and family profiles to the next level with its secure and comprehensive information storage capabilities. Unlike basic systems that offer only rudimentary details, TUIO allows for an enriched profile for each child and their family. This includes not just names and contact information but also vital data like authorized pick-up individuals, dietary restrictions, medical history, and even behavioral notes from teachers or previous caregivers. These profiles are not just electronic file cabinets but dynamic records that can be quickly updated and accessed via a secure login, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view or modify them.


Real-Time Notifications and Updates

In our interconnected, always-on world, real-time information is not just a luxury—it’s an expectation, especially when it comes to the safety and well-being of our children. Parents and guardians are more at ease when they can get instantaneous updates about their child’s day, from the moment they check in at the facility to the activities they’re engaged in. The convenience of real-time notifications goes beyond peace of mind; it also facilitates better planning and coordination. 

TUIO goes above and beyond the industry standard with its School Parent Communication App. Unlike many other platforms that might offer basic notification services, TUIO’s comprehensive approach integrates these real-time updates into a dedicated parent portal. 

Furthermore, TUIO’s real-time features extend to emergency situations, providing quick channels for alerts and urgent communications. Whether it’s a school-wide emergency or an individual health concern, TUIO’s real-time notifications ensure that all relevant parties are immediately informed and can take appropriate action without delay.

tuio communication app family reading
TUIO school parent communication app
payment plan selection using child care billing system by TUIO

Payment Flexibility

Parents and guardians come from diverse financial backgrounds and have varying needs and preferences when it comes to how they manage their finances. 

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, TUIO offers a wide array of payment options through multiple gateways.

TUIO takes it a step further by allowing parents to schedule their payments. This can be especially beneficial for those who are juggling multiple financial commitments and prefer to align their child’s after school program fees with their own pay cycles.

For those who have multiple children enrolled in different activities or programs, TUIO offers the ability to manage all payments in one central location.

“TUIO helps us take care of tuition collection to be smooth and effortless. I no longer need to customize payments for parents or keep track of who’s paid, as this is all automated now. My time spent on billing and payments has been cut in half thanks to TUIO.”

Yanli Qu

Founder & Director , Willows Christian Montessori School

No Hidden Fees

All of TUIO’s fees are clear and upfront. No hidden or unnecessary fees.

Secure Online Payments

TUIO is PCI DSS compliant as a secure online payment system. We never store private information on our servers. All payment information is tokenized and encrypted.


FAQ for After School Management Software

What sets TUIO apart from other after school management software?

TUIO is not just another name in the realm of After School Management Software; it’s a full-fledged, comprehensive solution designed to simplify, streamline, and enhance the day-to-day running of your after school program. It does this through a unique blend of features that go beyond basic functionalities. Not only does it offer real-time notifications to parents through a dedicated portal, but it also excels in ensuring program compliance with state and federal regulations. In addition, TUIO’s user-friendly interface ensures that all stakeholders, from administrators to parents, find it intuitive to use. The platform continually updates itself based on customer feedback and regulatory changes, making sure it is always ahead of the curve in meeting users’ needs. Whether you’re looking for payment flexibility, robust compliance features, or effective communication tools, TUIO is designed to excel in all these areas.

How secure is TUIO?

Data security is of paramount importance in this digital age, especially when dealing with sensitive information related to children and financial transactions. TUIO employs the latest encryption technologies and follows best practices in cybersecurity to ensure that all your data is stored securely. But the commitment to security doesn’t stop at just encryption. The platform also includes multiple layers of authorization and authentication, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access specific types of data. In addition, TUIO offers role-based access controls, allowing administrators to customize who has access to what type of information, further bolstering the platform’s security measures. 

How user-friendly is TUIO for both staff and parents?

One of the standout qualities of TUIO is its focus on user experience. The platform is designed to be intuitive, requiring minimal training for staff to get started. Whether it’s inputting student information, managing billing, or generating reports, the interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. And it’s not just geared for administrative staff; TUIO also places a strong emphasis on parental user experience. With features like a dedicated parent portal, parents have easy access to their child’s updates, payment options, and can even communicate with the staff directly through the platform. In essence, TUIO bridges the gap between administrative necessities and parental peace of mind by offering a user-friendly experience for all involved.


When it comes to choosing after school management software, features like simplified program management, robust compliance capabilities, and real-time notifications are key. TUIO not only provides these features but also offers additional perks like multiple payment options and easy integration with other systems. For those seeking a comprehensive solution for after school program management, TUIO emerges as a powerful top choice.

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