Best Podcasts for School Administrators: 5 Must-Listen Podcasts

Education is a continuously evolving field, and it’s important for educational leaders to keep up. At the same time, school administrators are busy. And that’s an understatement! That’s why podcasts are a great way to gain inspiration, stay current, and continue growing as a leader. If you aren’t sure where to begin, try one of our best podcasts for school administrators.

5 Best Podcasts for School Administrators

1. Principal Matters with William D. Parker

High school principal, speaker, and Principal Matters blogger William D. Parker shares insights and practical tips. Parker and his guests offer advice on resolving conflicts, overcoming challenges, improving communication, streamlining responsibilities, and more. Chances are if you’re facing a problem, Parker has a podcast episode for you. If you love the podcast, find Parker’s blog and webinars here.

Listen here:

2. Transformative Principal with Jethro Jones

Each week, Jethro Jones interviews an impactful principal or educational leader. His goal is to help school principals be the best they can be, all while maintaining work-life balance. Often, Jones interviews his podcast guests two weeks in a row. This allows listeners to implement what they’ve learned, then listen to a follow-up episode.

Listen here:

Try this episode: Episode 163- Don’t Wait for Next Year with Adam Beauchamp (Beauchamp discusses his tips for Response to Intervention, or RTI.)

3. Principal Center Radio with Justin Baeder

Justin Baeder interviews innovative thought leaders in educational leadership. Guests share insightful tips aimed at high-performance instructional leadership. Topics include discipline, school transformation, rigor, edtech, instructional coaching, and much more. Plus, podcasts are short enough for your morning commute or a quick jog on the treadmill.

Listen here:

Try this episode: Instructional Agility: Responding to Assessment with Real-Time Decisions with Cassandra Erkens

4. The School Leadership Show with Mike Doughty

Learn the skills and strategies you need to thrive in school administration. Doughty sits down with principals, policymakers, authors, and leaders both in and out of the education field. The podcast covers the usual topics (school improvement, assessment, teacher evaluation), but it’s also heavily focused on productivity. If you need tips to help you get organized and get motivated, this is the podcast for you.

Listen here:

Try this episode: Productivity, The 5 AM Miracle, and Your Health (Learn how to be more intentional, efficient, and effective in scheduling your day.)

5. Better Leaders, Better Schools with Daniel Bauer

And finally, no list of the best podcasts for administrators would be complete without this gem from Daniel Bauer. In his entertaining style, Bauer and guests discuss how school leaders can meet peak performance and increase student achievement. Learn how to focus on the essential, create a winning school culture, and lead with integrity and courage.

Listen here:

Try this episode: Crush the First 90 days of the Principalship 

Best Podcasts for Administrators: Final Thoughts

Podcasts are an awesome and efficient form of professional development, especially for busy school leaders. We hope you’ll find ideas and inspiration on the go with our list of best podcasts for administrators. Happy listening!

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