Save Time at Your Daycare: Trade Cheques for Daycare Billing Software

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These days, the vast majority of businesses do their best to avoid cheque payments. After all, when was the last time you paid by cheque as a consumer? Despite this trend, though, many child care businesses continue to receive cheque payments from most of their clients. When asked why, daycare supervisors tend to respond one … Read more

Should Schools And Daycares Accept Etransfers?

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To collect payments efficiently, businesses such as schools and child care organizations require processes that are timely and frictionless, integrated and scalable. E-transfers fail these 3 tests. Etransfers are initiated by families While there are now new features allowing for recurring payments, e-transfers are largely sent as a ‘one-off’ and therefore initiated by the parents. … Read more

Tuition Management Systems: 3 Reasons Why They Help Reduce Workload

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Running a school is a challenging undertaking. You need to enroll new students every year to compensate for departing families, manage the team of teachers, deal with parent complaints, and more. One area where a lot of time is spent is billing and payments. Many schools are stuck in the 20th century when it comes … Read more