How to Move Into a School Administrator Position

America’s teachers have to work under some pretty difficult circumstances at times. So have you ever thought that perhaps, if you could learn how to move into a school administrator position, as a result you might be able to make more of a difference?

Actually school principals and administrators do have more leeway to make changes to everything from curriculum to athletic programs. Teachers are the backbone of America’s school system. Without them, we’d all be lost. Most noteworthy, principals have more flexibility to make fundamental changes that can have long term effects on both teachers and students.

How to Make the Move Into a School Administrator Position

So how do you move into a school administrator position that is so coveted? Most of America’s 90,000 school principals say they moved into the position from being a teacher. Along the way though, they had to take a series of courses and there are numerous places to get these classes. You can find these courses available at many universities. Furthermore, they are also available online now as well. Above all, be sure to ask whether the course is part of the principal certification program.

Classes That Can Help Make a Move Into a School Administrator Position

Today, there are lots of great educational classes for teachers that can certainly help them hone their skills but they may not all be accredited for the principal certification program. This certification does require a wide variety of programs depending on the state you live in.

For instance, in Texas, you need the following:

  • A Master’s Degree
  • Two years of teaching experience
  • Complete an approved superintendent prep program
  • Pass the TExES Principal’s test
  • Pass the TExES Superintendent’s test

So though every state is different, they will all have similar requirements for those wishing to move into the admin area. First of all be sure to check your state’s requirements.

Higher Pay, More Respect

Also, in addition to the obvious benefit of being able to make a bigger impact in your school district, there are a few other rewards. Earnings are one of the bigger attractions. The average teaching salary across America is $53,335, while the average salary for a principal is $79,447. Hence a pretty hefty salary increase for making a move into a school administrator position.

Furthermore, there’s also the prestige that comes with being a school administrator. Some have even moved up to become an administrator in a college. From there, maybe you could move into a dean’s position. Senior college administrators earn anywhere from $91,343 to $162,248 per year and there is a great deal of respect associated with positions like this.

Make a Difference!

With each new level you move up to, you can also make a bigger difference in the world of education. Most experts agree that our national school system could use a massive overhaul. And though it will be a big job that will require hard work from everyone involved, it’s still a worthy endeavor. The end result could be improving the way students learn. Improving their ability to absorb knowledge and therefore increasing the number who graduate.

All this hard work could, consequently, provide America with adults who are better prepared to deal with the world’s problems in the future. And the future will have its share of difficult and complex issues, so we need the best and brightest to tackle those problems.

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