A Secure Website to Generate Enrollment Enquiries and Tours

Whether you are happy with your current website and just need a responsive team to host it and maintain it, or need a brand new design or re-design, our team can help.

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Design / Redesign

Our Design/Redesign process is dead simple. Once your preferred designed is picked and refined, we will develop and launch your website within days. The process from start to finish takes under 30 days and can be done as fast as 15 days if you are in a rush.


Review Proposed Design

See what our expert designer has prepared for you.



We iterate to get you the perfect site you need to generate enrollment inquiries.


Build and Launch

When the design is completed, you just sit back and relax while our developers do the heavy lifting.

Calendar Scheduling Tool & Online Forms Included

While we will always put a contact form on your site, we will also give prospective parents the opportunity of booking a tour directly without email back-and-forth. Set your general availability in advance and connect your calendar to make sure you're never booked when you have no availability! Also works greats for Open Houses.

Still collecting paper forms for enrollment, summer camps, pizza lunches etc.? We will replace them with online forms directly available on your website for parents to fill out.

To find out how your site is doing and whether you need a Design/Redesign, get your FREE Website Audit today.

Hosting & Maintenance

Whether you build your website with us or not, you have access to our Hosting & Maintenance package. Does your website read 'Not Secure' in your web browser and you are not sure why? Do you wait a few days every time you ask for a simple text update or file upload? Is your website not easily found on Google and other search engines, is slow to load or has broken links? If so, you may benefit from our affordable all-in one Hosting & Maintenance package! 


Affordable monthly fee

1 flat monthly fee all-inclusive (support + hosting + SEO aka being found on search engines)


1h hour of work included every month

Your monthly fee includes 1h of monthly support website work. If it is unused, it rolls over!


SSL Certificate

Included in your fee is a SSL certificate. Having a 'Not Secured' website compromises any information typed into it and makes your site eligible for all sorts of malicious attempts. It also makes your website less visible and accessible. Way too many schools and daycares overlook this risk!


To find out how your site is doing and whether you could benefit from our Hosting & Maintenance solution, get your FREE  Website Audit today.


Your website is your shop window to the outside world and falls directly under the Marketing umbrella, which we know 1 or 2 things about having grown our organization from nothing to a solution used across the states and provinces of the US and Canada.

No non-sense process: from signing to launch within 2-4 weeks.

Your paper forms converted to online forms.

Prospective parents finding you on search engines and enquiring about enrollment or booking tours directly in your calendar.

A 100% secure website.

Responsivity and smooth communication.

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Our Satisfied Website Clients

 Here is what our existing clients say

The onboarding process was extremely streamlined, and we were up and running within a week of signing up, with minimal involvement on our end other than providing basic family/customer information.

Sonia Sommer

Supervisor, Gibraltar Point Day Nursery

Thanks to TUIO, our families now have access to a personal online dashboard, where they can review their invoices paid and outstanding, update their payment methods on their own, any time of day.

Natalia Galinskaya

Principal, Little Owl Preschool Elementary

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