Attendance Tracking Software

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Attendance tracking software enables educational institutions to monitor and manage student and staff attendance, programs and class schedules, create and download custom reports, and more, all from a centralized platform.

the tuio attendance tracking software dashboard

TUIO Takes Care of Your Attendance Tracking Needs

Harness the power of TUIO’s comprehensive attendance tracking software, built to address both student and staff attendance needs. From an intuitive dashboard view of staff and student data to flexible report generation, TUIO simplifies the complex tasks of tracking and reporting. Whether you’re looking to manage attendance, staff certifications, student emergency contacts, or payment plans for programs, TUIO offers a holistic solution that can be tailored to your educational institution’s unique requirements.

The Benefits of TUIO Attendance Tracking Software

checkUnified Dashboard View: Easily access detailed staff and student profiles, student reports, class schedules, and more.

check Customizable Reports: Generate and download bespoke reports in both PDF and Excel formats for students and staff.

checkAttendance Flexibility: Choose between automatic or manual attendance tracking for both students and staff, with virtual check-in through photo scan.

check Detailed Class Management: Create, edit, and view classes, set maximum capacities, assign staff and students, and even schedule special events.

checkInstant Parent Notifications: Quickly inform parents of absences or late arrivals with a simple tick option.

check Robust Certification Management: Track and remind staff of necessary certifications and easily download the same when required.check

checkProgram Management: Create, duplicate, and view programs, including associated fees and payment plans.

check Comprehensive Attendance Summaries: Generate detailed attendance sheets and summaries by class, student, or time frame.

An intuitive, comprehensive solution for tracking attendance of students and staff.

See below for a snapshot of how the attendance tracking software feature of TUIO’s school management works for staff and students.

TUIO's attendance tracking system revolutionizes the way educational institutions manage their staff. It brings clarity and ease to administrators overseeing multiple staff members, offering them a unified dashboard view of every staff member's role, program assignments, and attendance records.

In addition, the platform's capability to handle timesheet summaries and staff certifications ensures that administrative work is reduced, while compliance and accuracy are maintained. This efficient system allows institutions to prioritize educational delivery over paperwork.

When it comes to student attendance, precision and clarity are paramount. TUIO recognizes this and provides an all-encompassing solution. From creating custom reports detailing emergency contacts, allergies, and academic records to seamlessly integrating virtual check-ins, the software ensures that tracking student attendance is both thorough and effortless.

Additionally, the ability to promptly notify parents of attendance discrepancies ensures transparency and encourages a collaborative approach to education. With TUIO, institutions can focus more on nurturing students and less on administrative chores.


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Staff Management

TUIO’s dashboard offers a holistic view of staff members, displaying their names, roles, assigned programs, last sign-in date, and even participation in conversations. This centralized approach facilitates seamless staff management, enabling administrators to add new staff or edit existing profiles effortlessly. What’s more, it streamlines administrative duties by offering easy downloads of timesheet summaries, catering to individual or collective staff data over selected time periods.

staff attendance for tuio attendance tracking software
tuio attendance tracking software dashboard

Comprehensive Reporting

The strength of TUIO lies in its versatile reporting capabilities. For students, it’s a breeze to create custom reports, encompassing details like emergency contacts, pick-up lists, or academic grades. Such reports can span standard fields like pictures, names, and birthdates, or dive deep into custom fields capturing allergies or extracurricular activities. The inclusion of parental information further enriches these reports, offering insights into parent names, contact details, or even specific medical practitioners.

Attendance Versatility

Our attendance tracking software is made flexible, catering to both students and staff. Administrators can opt for automatic marking, where scheduled events are auto-marked as attended, or they can prefer a manual approach, recording each attendance individually. For staff, a unique tick box feature empowers them to check in and out, reflecting real-time updates on their status.

tuio attendance for both staff and students

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tuio attendance tracking software class schedules

Program and Class Design

TUIO is not just about attendance tracking software but also about creating an enriched educational environment. Admins can view, create, or duplicate programs directly from the dashboard, defining everything from descriptions, program dates to associated fees. Each class can be designed with specifics like capacity, schedules, and even special events. Whether it’s a birthday party or a fall break, scheduling becomes second nature with TUIO.

Attendance Insights and Notifications

With TUIO, every absence or tardiness has a story. Administrators can view in-depth reasons for student absences or lateness, ranging from health reasons to other commitments. If a student is late, the software enables a detailed description, ensuring complete clarity. Moreover, a standout feature is the ability to notify parents of their child’s attendance status with a simple tick, fostering transparency and trust.

Attendance Insights and Notifications with TUIO
Advanced Features and Virtual Check-ins with TUIO

Advanced Features and Virtual Check-ins

Beyond the conventional, TUIO brings advanced features like viewing class schedules in a calendar format or comparing attendance ratios in classes. The dashboard provides insights into class attendance, juxtaposing the number of attendees against enrollees. But perhaps the most innovative is the virtual check-in feature, allowing photo scan confirmations, ensuring security and accuracy in the digital age.


Choosing the right attendance tracking software can revolutionize the way educational institutions operate. TUIO, with its extensive features and user-centric approach, has proven to be an indispensable tool for schools and afterschool programs. By centralizing various administrative tasks and offering a slew of customized features, TUIO ensures that institutions can focus on what they do best – imparting education. Interested in experiencing TUIO’s capabilities first-hand?

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