What is Online Tuition Management Software?


Online tuition management software provides schools a way to manage online payments from parents with a focused piece of software.  Private, public, and various independent schools find themselves relying more on this software. Third-party companies that specialize in this area are more efficient and understand how to create efficient systems.  The rest of this article … Read more

What are Good Daycare Prices that Keep Me Competitive?

child raises hand at daycare

When trying to remain competitive, it can be frustrating trying to select reasonable daycare prices. Parents are easily frustrated when discussing childcare costs. Sometimes, your competition is more than ready to get into a price war with their surroundings. So when it comes to daycare, how do you create a competitive pricing strategy?  Your first … Read more

Why Recurring Payments for Child Care Centers are Important

daycare students learn from teacher

If you are like most care providers, you don’t get into the business because you love collecting payments. You get into it because you love kids. The day-to-day operation of child care facilities can be rewarding in some cases, but it mostly becomes a slog. We cannot understate the importance of an automatic recurring payment … Read more

How A Tuition Management System Allows You To Focus On More Important Aspects Of Your Childcare Business

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Chasing after parents for payments and worrying about creating invoices can be frustrating. This area of your business can feel like a full-time job. This takes away from the mental and emotional energy that you could spend improving your child care facility. Tuition management is tough. How do you prevent collecting payments, creating invoices, and tracking … Read more

How to Collect School Tuition and Childcare Billing Without Any Effort

parent pays school tuition without any effort

The best kind of payments are on time, on schedule, and done without worry. But with parent A deciding to write a cashier’s check and another one deciding to pay with a jar of pennies, it can get pretty frustrating. The question remains: what childcare billing method requires the least effort to handle. The easiest … Read more

Ten Tips On How To Run A Successful Daycare

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Child care providers have increasing challenges with demands from both kids and parents. That doesn’t even get into the challenge of running a business, but you need both to run a successful daycare center. In this article, we plan on digging into the tips you can use to ensure you have a successful daycare.  #1: … Read more

How To Create and Lead Engaging Faculty Meetings

engaging faculty meeting presentation

It is easy to feel like faculty meetings are a time suck. Why would you waste time on these meetings when you can do your job instead? The problem is that a typical session does not have the right focus. So, how do you lead engaging faculty meetings? Your meetings’ priority needs to ask your … Read more

7 Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

schools accept credit cards

In today’s pandemic world, people expect all businesses, including schools, to accept credit cards. Even before the events of the pandemic, credit card usage was on the rise. More than 72% of millennials now have a credit card (this accounts for many of your potential parents). Plus, online bill payments continue to rise in popularity. … Read more