How To Commit Parents And Boost Enrollment in Childcare

boost enrollment ideas

With the summer’s and next year’s enrollment/re-enrollment in full swing, we’ve heard from many childcare organizations seeking input on the best way to commit families to make a decision and boost enrollment. This is important for many reasons, but even … Read More

Why Schools And Daycares Accept Credit Cards

Schools And Daycares Accept Credit Cards

Childcare organizations such as schools and daycares have increasingly (and rightly) been offering their families an option to pay by credit card. Considering that you should always pay attention to your customers’ preferences, this is great news for everyone involved. … Read More

Should Schools And Daycares Accept Etransfers?

Schools And Daycares Accept Etransfers

To collect payments efficiently, businesses such as child care organizations require processes that are timely and frictionless, integrated and scalable. E-transfers fail these 3 tests. Etransfers are initiated by families While there are now new features allowing for recurring payments, … Read More