Strategies to Create a Sense of Belonging in the Classroom

strategies to create a sense of belonging

What are the most important factors in student success? You might list teacher effectiveness, home environment, school-home connection, motivation, engagement, time management skills, and growth mindset. While these factors are important, sense of belonging is another essential—yet often overlooked—key to … Read More

How Well Does The Montessori Method Educate Students?

Montessori Method

Success Stories of 7 Famous Former Students Does it matter where you child goes to school? Does the learning method you choose for your children really make a difference? Many educators believe that it does. The Montessori method of learning … Read More

Self-Care for Teachers and Why It Matters: 7 Simple Tips

self-care for teachers

Teaching is an all-consuming career often characterized as emotional labor. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. It’s also a job that’s almost impossible to “leave at work,” whether in the form of a stack of papers to grade or persistent … Read More

7 Essential Books for School Leaders to Read

essential books for school leaders

The winter holidays are coming later this month and there’s no better time for school administrators to boost their performance with some helpful reading. This list presents the essential books for school leaders to improve at their jobs and create … Read More

6 Holiday Gratitude Activities for the Classroom

gratitude activities

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to actively practice gratitude in the classroom. Gratitude activities aren’t just thematically appropriate for the holidays—they’re also extremely beneficial for your students. Research shows that practicing gratitude offers a wide range … Read More

School Administrators on Board to Teach Kindness

teach kindness

The Teach Kindness program has grown in popularity with school administrators and teachers across America. The thought behind this program is that kindness can be taught to students just like math and reading. One of their slogans is, “Build Empathy … Read More

6 Keys to Building Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

positive student-teacher relationships

As schools and districts focus on state standards, scope and sequence, and test scores, they often neglect one of the most important factors in student achievement. Positive student-teacher relationships, research shows, have a huge impact on learning. Why Positive Student-Teacher … Read More