COVID-19 and Early Childhood Education: Effects and Tips

COVID-19 and early childhood education

The global pandemic known as COVID-19 has affected every area of life, with perhaps the most dramatic impact on education. Global Director for Education Jaime Saavedra called it “the largest simultaneous shock to all education systems in our lifetime.” Although … Read More

How Administrators Can Support Teachers During COVID-19

how administrators can support teachers during COVID

In the best of times, teaching is a challenging profession. It requires immense creativity, flexibility, patience, and the ability to be “on” constantly. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the difficulty of these tough tasks has increased. Teachers also face new challenges, … Read More

I’m invoicing on QuickBooks, why should I use TUIO?

There are two common refrains we hear when reaching out to potential clients – either they already have a bookkeeper, accountant or finance manager in place that looks after billings, or they use QuickBooks for their billing system already. Our … Read More

Making Summer Camp Work While Staying Safe

summer camp

Summer is an exciting time of year for most of us. It’s a time to work on personal fitness, take a vacation, clean out the garage, go swimming in a lake or ocean, and much more. It’s also the season … Read More