What Makes the Montessori Teaching Method So Successful?

The Montessori Teaching Method was developed by an Italian educator and physician. Maria Montessori lived from 1870 to 1952 and was way ahead of her time. She broke gender barriers when she enrolled in an all-boys tech school to become an engineer. At some point, she changed her focus and enrolled in medical school, eventually getting her medical degree. One of her special areas of interest was education. She looked around and saw that many children didn’t do well in schools of that day and time and she began to look at reasons for that unfortunate situation.

She eventually determined that children were being forced to follow a boring curriculum that did not inspire creativity. Their “inner child” was being squelched in favor of a strict educational program that actually attempted to eliminate what made each child unique.

She set her heart and mind to change all that by creating the Montessori Teaching Method. In this program, children are placed in a supportive environment and allowed to learn through discovery. An emphasis is placed on making sure that children develop socially, physically, cognitively and emotionally.

Though there are a number of schools labeled “Montessori” the authentic method will include 7 basic elements. These standards are set by the American Montessori Society (AMS) and the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

  1. Students select their activities from a range of options
  2. Uninterrupted blocks of time where children can explore and discover
  3. Special teaching materials created from natural substances like wood, cloth, earth; avoiding manmade materials like plastic
  4. Mixed-age classrooms with kids from ages ​ about 3 to 6 years old. Also, 6-9 years, 12-15 years and 15-18 years
  5. A discovery teaching model that allows kids to learn things from working with materials, instead of through traditional instruction
  6. More freedom in the classroom for kids to explore and create
  7. A well-prepared teaching environment where subjects are organized logically and appropriate in size for each child

Famous People Educated Under the Montessori Method

You may be surprised to learn how many famous people received their education under the Montessori Teaching Method . The list is quite extensive and includes some truly brilliant, successful people:

Jeff Bezos: Amazon founder and one of the richest men in the world

Julia Child: Cookbook author and the queen of cooking shows

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Former first lady and wife of John F. Kennedy

Prince Harry: Duke of Sussex

Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia Founder

Beyonce Knowles: Singer/Songwriter

Will Wright: Video game pioneer

Sean “Diddy” Combs: Rapper, singer & record producer

Is the Montessori Method Right for Your Child?

Children have an innate need to ask questions and explore the world around them. When we try to restrict that natural desire, we often put out the light inside the child. Of course, children are, by nature, versatile and flexible. They usually bounce back. But imagine a world where every child is allowed freedom to roam.

With the Montessori Teaching Method , our kids can develop their natural abilities and become what they were created for. They can find their destiny and develop into amazing adults who function well at any level. Montessori kids often think outside the box. They have what it takes to solve the great dilemmas that may be presented to our world in the future.

For the Future of our World

Montessori schools offer high level education programs that adhere to a standard curriculum, while engaging children and encouraging them to explore their imaginative nature. Kids grow up strong, independent and resourceful. They’ll get the job done regardless of the challenges presented to them. It’s a win for all of us!

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