Fun Fall Activities for Kids, Teachers, and Parents

fun fall activities for kids

There’s a slight chill in the air, leaves are beginning to change colors, and pumpkin-flavored products are everywhere. Fall has arrived! It’s the perfect time for fun fall activities for kids.

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or childcare provider, you and the children in your care will love the fall activities listed below.

Our Favorite Fun Fall Activities for Kids

Do your children enjoy arts and crafts? Snacks? Games? We’ve got something for everyone!


1. Make handprint leaves.

This simple activity requires paint, a paintbrush, and paper (plus a little one’s hand). You can also add a fall-themed poem or song if desired.

2. Make a handprint turkey.

Who hasn’t made a handprint turkey at some point? Don’t let your kids or students miss out on this classic fall craft!

3. Decorate pumpkins.

If you’re with your own children at home, you may want to carve pumpkins. In a school setting, get creative! You can decorate pumpkins with markers, paint, stickers, googly eyes, or even feathers.

4. Paint faces on acorns.

Go on a nature walk and gather as many acorns as you can find.  Then, paint them with spooky faces. If a nature walk isn’t an option, gather the acorns yourself first. The kids will still love decorating!

5. Decorate trick-or-treating bags.

Before going trick-or-treating, join your children in decorating some trick-or-treat bags. You can draw pumpkins, spooky faces, or even candy.

6. String popcorn and cranberry garlands.

Drape these decorations to give your home or classroom a festive feel. Little ones may be tempted to eat the popcorn instead of stringing it, so prepare some extra!


7. Make turkey snack bags.

Plastic gloves, Goldfish crackers, and popcorn are all you need to create this simple snack. To make especially realistic turkeys, you can also use googly eyes and red or orange felt.

8. Create lollipop ghosts.

Simply wrap a Tootsie Roll pop in Kleenex, then secure it with an elastic or rubber band. Use a Sharpie to draw some eyes. If you’d like a festive ghost, tie orange or black ribbon around the elastic.

9. Enjoy caramel apples or popcorn balls.

These classic fall treats are perfect for a holiday party in your classroom, or even a festive after-school snack at home.

10. Make banana ghosts and orange pumpkins.

Looking for something healthier? Peel some oranges and top with a celery stem to make pumpkins! Or make healthy ghosts by peeling a banana, slicing off one end, and adding chocolate chip eyes.


11. Visit an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch.

Picking apples or choosing the perfect pumpkin is a great way to celebrate the arrival of fall.

12. Have an apple cider “tea party.”

Make apple cider (or hot chocolate with marshmallows). Then enjoy a fun fall “tea party.” Add fall decorations or have kids wear costumes to make it extra festive.

13. Jump into a pile of leaves.

For generations, this has been one of the top fun fall activities for kids. Rake a huge pile of leaves and allow your children to jump right in! This also makes an excellent family photo op.

14. Collect and identify leaves.

Afterwards, you can even press the leaves into a fall photo album!

15. Have a scarecrow relay race.

You’ll need an assortment of plaid shirts, pants, and floppy hats. Group children into teams. Each team will need a pile of clothes containing one of each item. One by one, children race to the clothing, get dressed, and run back to the starting line. The next teammate puts the scarecrow outfit on, runs to the finish line, removes the clothes, and runs back. The first team to have every member dress as a scarecrow wins. There are multiple versions of this game for various age groups.

16. Dress up in costumes.

Have a dress-up day at school. If you’d prefer not to use the term “Halloween costumes,” you can have “storybook character day,” “superhero day,” or another theme of your choosing.

Fun Fall Activities for Kids: Final Thoughts

We hope that this list has given you some inspiration for fun fall activities for kids. Based on the ages and interests of the children in your care, choose a few festive options and get started!