Hands-off Payroll for Schools & Childcare Businesses

'Done for you' payroll service for all your full time, part time and hourly employees, powered by Wagepoint.

Transparent pricing, handled by the TUIO staff for TUIO clients. No need to speak to another vendor, get it all handled by us!

Income tax remittances, social security and other payroll taxes are paid on your behalf with federal/local tax authorities.

Employees get their own portal, access their paystubs and forms (T4/W-2s/1099s, ROEs etc.) - all included in the price.

TUIO clients are saving some serious time and money with our Payroll offering. Discover how you can benefit today.

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Why Do Clients Use TUIO for Payroll Too?



No need to pay remittances manually

No need to pay employees manually

No need to distribute paystubs

Don't worry about filings

QuickBooks integration



Get paid on time directly to your bank account

Online portal to access paystubs and other forms

Change your banking or other details at any time

This is How it Works


Employees Fill our Online Form

We collect the info we need from them in order to run payroll. You don't have to get involved other than sending them the link to the form!


We Run Payroll for You

All you have to do is let us know the number of hours work by hourly employees, if any. 


Congratulations, Payroll is Done.

As the supervisor, you get access to all pay and tax reports. But that's just to keep you in the loop, because you don't actually have to do any of the remittances or filings yourself (or pay someone to do it for you).

Transparent Pricing

Company onboarding fee: $50 (one time)
Employee onboarding fee: $10/employee (one time)
Payroll fee: $30/payroll (done for you) + $3/employee

Pricing for 10 employees ..... from as little as $60/month
Pricing for 20 employees ..... from as little as $90/month

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