Simplify Your Payroll Process

'Done for you' payroll service for all your full time, part time or hourly employees.

We collect their info. We run the payroll every 2 weeks or every month. The remittances are taken care of, and so is the employees' pay, which only takes 3 business days to get to them.

Employees have access to their paystubs online, and all tax filings are handled without your (or your bookkeeper's) involvement.

TUIO clients are saving some serious time and money with our Payroll Services. Discover how you can benefit today.

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Why Do Clients Use TUIO for Payroll Too?



Don't worry about running the numbers

Don't worry about the transfer of funds

Don't worry about remittances

Don't worry about tax filings

Did we mention that there is a QuickBooks integration?



Get paid on time directly to your bank account

Instant online access to paystubs

Your taxes documents in one place

This is How it Works


Employees Fill our Online Form

We collect the info we need from them in order to run payroll


We Run Payroll for You 4 Days Before Pay Day

All you have to do is let us know the number of hours work by hourly employees, if any. Funds are withdrawn from your accounts only 3 business days before pay day (the time it takes to send funds to employees).


Congratulations, Payroll is Done.

As the supervisor, you get access to all pay and tax reports. But that's just to keep you in the loop, because you don't actually have to do any of the remittances or filings yourself (or pay someone to do it)

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