Ten Tips On How To Run A Successful Daycare

Child care providers have increasing challenges with demands from both kids and parents. That doesn’t even get into the challenge of running a business, but you need both to run a successful daycare center. In this article, we plan on digging into the tips you can use to ensure you have a successful daycare. 

#1: Have Clear Policies and Follow Them

Running successful daycares starts with having a clear set of policies. These policies need to apply to all parents and children involved. By remaining consistent, your families will recognize and respect those requirements. 

The system will also make it easier for you to handle complicated matters. A profitable business has a handbook that all employees will reference on standard procedure. That extends out to any business.

#2: Don’t Take Your Friends and Family’s Kids

Child care centers, and their staff, feel like a natural fit when including people you know. It feels like a comfortable fit, and both sides get their problems solved, right? 


Friends and family may expect special treatment regarding your policies. Regardless of your best efforts, the lines are blurred often between daycare centers and watching someone’s kids. Avoid this situation entirely and keep your business professional.

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#3: Always Ask For Parental Feedback

Long-term success for daycare providers is determined heavily by word-of-mouth advertising. The most successful home daycare centers have a myriad of reviews available on Google. The public reviews increase your exposure to potential clients. 

This feedback focus also highlights the importance of claiming your business on sites like Google, Yelp, and other community information systems. If these available systems don’t recognize your daycare as a business, you may miss out on that feedback boosting your business. 

#4: Have A Social Media Presence

When you are trying to look up local businesses’ information, what is one of the most common places you stop? If your answer is social media, this is a sign that you need to follow suit. For a smaller provider, Facebook is typically good enough to reach out to your clients. 

Larger organizations may be able to expand their social media presence. You may wish to hire a social media manager to handle all of your platforms in those cases. 

#5: Add Value With Unique Services

Look around at your fellow daycare providers to see what they offer. Various childcare centers may have their unique take on the field. Many of them incorporate them into curriculum plans, which is something you should consider. 

Bounce ideas off of online communities to see what they have. New ideas come out of this field every day. Always be asking yourself how you can improve your offering. 

#6: Have A Properly Trained Staff Who Believes In Your Vision

Child care businesses may be encouraged to save money by hiring a staff that lacks childcare experience. However, you run the risk of having educational gaps and safety exposures in this case. Be sure that your team has some knowledge or you have an excellent staff training program. Experience is essential when you are handling large quantities of children. 

You also want to hire childcare professionals who believe in the vision behind your daycare. Their passion for your ideal daycare scenario will inspire them to come to work every day. Their focus on the inspiration of your business will give them the same level of passion you have. 

#7: Don’t Forget To Take A Vacation

Business owners who handle their own time typically forget that managing daycares can be an exhausting experience. If you count yourselves among this underappreciated populace, don’t forget to take some time for yourself and your staff. A fresh mind allows you to be more engaged so that your time with children can be beneficial.

#8: Simplify The Business Side Of Things

Many times the business side of daycare can prevent owners from properly focusing. Making a business plan is complicated in other environments that don’t involve loud kids. Imagine trying to discuss business strategy while having a full daycare center. 

It also helps to have a consistent payment system for all people. This system prevents you from having to track a combination of cash, checks, and whatever other payment methods parents might have. Many standardized systems exist to help daycare centers track information easily. 

#9: Try To Be Flexible (Within Reason)

Your parents will appreciate flexibility in their daycares, as some situations may prevent them from arriving on time. If you stay flexible, you send a message to your parents that you are willing to work with this. This willingness to assist also involves catering to your kids’ unique needs, which may include dietary restrictions or mental health concerns. 

Be sure not to stretch yourself too thin. If your parent is regularly late picking up their kids, you need to be upfront with their respect for your time. If they are outside of your available hours and aren’t willing to expand your ours, there is no shame in saying that it is a bad fit. 

#10: Charge Upfront

While we hate to see it, there is always a chance for flaky parents who won’t pay you. If they can get a month of free daycare out of you, it is straightforward for them to vanish. You can take them to small claims court in this case, but you could be spending that time on other aspects of your business. 

Daycares can be incredibly busy, and you don’t need to waste time chasing after this. To avoid this situation altogether, charge your clients upfront.  

Final Thoughts

A successful home daycare places the needs of child care at the center of their business. With a focus on innovation and simplifying the business side of things, your daycare will see a high potential for long-term success.  

Your clients are people too, so don’t forget that they put a lot of trust in you when they leave their kids behind. Creating the best child care experience, a solid vision, and great staff will help you meet these goals. 

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